Who is Mr Tuna?

The number one question I get asked when talking to people about my new family member is “Why Mr Tuna?”

My response is always the same – “Why not?”

Names are seen (as far as humans are concerned) as being a vital part of our identity. We embrace our names, our friends create more intimate versions to call us by, and those who have unfortunate ones even have the option of changing them.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m not the kind of person who could ever name a dog something like “Sasha” or “Fido” or even “Buddy”.

The “Mr” is a tribute to my darling Mr Woofy – I thought that this would be a nice way to keep his memory alive with the new puppy.

And as for “Tuna”?

Feel free to guess :)


  1. LABlackPepper says:

    In first I must say:”Aaaawwwww!!!!” He is so adorable!!!! Wanna cuddle with him so badly! Why is his name Mr. Tuna? Without any clue I can just guess it’s after your favorite fish? ;-))) But….whatever. I love this name! Is cute and not common. Same way naming as I like it.
    My bunny’s name is Till Anthony. As you I don’t like usual name for pets. My bunny is named after Till Lindeman-leader od german metal band Rammstein and after Anthony Kiedis singer from Red Hot Chili Peppers. My all-time favorites bands.

  2. I’m gonna guess tuna breath, or he gets fish oil to keep his coat soft and shiny like my puppy. He’ lovely and a lovely tribute to mr wifey

    • Hehe, his breath isn’t too bad and he won’t start getting fish oil tablets till later in life :) At the moment he gets 1 raw egg a day for the protein :) (that is on top of his dry food!)

  3. Woofy, damn auto correct

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