Help! It’s an emergency!

I’d forgotten how stressful it is having a puppy in the house – given that it’s almost 12 years since I had to deal with anything puppy related, it’s no wonder.

On top of puppy-proofing the house as much as possible to make sure that anything dangerous is out of the little one’s reach, toilet (and all other) training, puppies are just as delicate as babies and very susceptible to injuries due to their soft joints and growing bones.

Mr Tuna turned 10 weeks old today and is still developing his paw-eye coordination, which means I still get a giggle now and then when he goes for “zoomies” around the house or yard and falls over from tripping on his own paws. However, a stumble of this nature this afternoon resulted in him crying plaintively while holding up an injured paw. I waited an hour to see if it was just a little slip or something more serious, but as he was still unable to place any weight on it, I bundled him into the car and raced off to the vet with an emergency appointment.

Of course, by the time that we got there…his paw was all better and he was happily trotting around the consultation room and showing off for the vet, who couldn’t resist and gave him cuddles and smooches~!

Talk about heaving a sigh of relief!

His doctor prescribed two days of rest (so no puppy zoomies this weekend) before he’s allowed any rough play, so hopefully he’ll be back to his mad self in no time!


  1. Ellie, it’s so nice to see that you are happy again. I hope that the adventures you have with Mr Tuna are as fun to read as those with Mr Woofy. I love the name, love the photo and had a giggle when Mr Tuna turned out to be ok by the time you got to the vets.

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