Woofy Wednesday

I’m sorry that I haven’t updated in awhile.

It’s been crazy busy at the moment.

The sort of week where you simultaneously want to live in a cave removed from the rest of the world just so you can get some peace and quiet, while running on pure adrenaline to get yourself to the finish line, or as close to it as possible. The insomnia doesn’t help, but when you’ve built up such a tolerance to the pills that it’s either sleeplessness or taking four pills to get to sleep, the former is better than the latter.

The only thing that makes it bearable is coming home at night to a darling puppy (okay, not puppy but more 11yo golden retriever with Peter Pan syndrome) who quietly lays his head on your knee and looks up at you to ask if you’re okay.

The best cure in the world for these long, tiring days is a puppy hug.


p.s. Any tips on combating insomnia are welcome. Well, any that don’t involve warm milk / meditation / sleeping pills / valerian / chamomile tea / late night exercise (walking, skipping and weights) and wine since all the above have been tested and went down in a glorious flaming pile of FAIL.


  1. Oh gawd I love your dog <3. Hehe mine is 12 this year but he still looks and acts like a puppy too (well, except when he slowly shuffles over to his water bowl!). Can't imagine life without doggy love.
    Karen | C&C recently posted..Oops- My Bad

    • Thanks Karen! :) It’s a little heartbreaking when they get this old and you can see them moving a bit slower…but they still love us completely all the same. I agree that I can’t imagine my life without doggy love to come home to :)

  2. Melatonin is a great sleeping aid. You can get them from the vitamin section from the chemist. You chew a few about half an our before your intend to sleep and knocks you out. Also very natural.
    Veronica Cybulski recently posted..That’s what you get for being a smart arse…

  3. Oooo – just love your pictures of Mr Woofy. He is ADORABLE!

    I have massive trouble sleeping too and have tried EVERYTHING known to man yet still don’t sleep well. I recently tried Blackmores Executive Sleep Formula out of desperation which worked OK after 3 weeks of literally NO sleep at all. I’ve tried ‘real’ sleeping pills in the past too and they are GREAT but the docs are hesitant just to keep handing them out to me… :sad:. I started swimming too – just to get some exercise and tire myself out (but I don’t swim after work as I’d hype myself up). My doctor reckons counselling is great as you can offload whatever it is that is worrying you…meh.

    Don’t you just want to punch people that can fall asleep within seconds of their heads hitting the below. GRRR at them!
    Miss Piggy recently posted..Temasek- Parramatta

    • I’ve recently tried the Blackmores supplement but unfortunately it did nothing for me…the real things are the only things that seem to work but likewise, the doc seems a bit hesitant to keep prescribing them :(

      And I agree – I totally want to punch people who fall asleep instantaneously when I’m lying in bed tossing and turning (>_<)

  4. Sorry to hear about your sleep issues. Been having serious ones myself since last fall. It’s crazy how much it’s changed life for me. I agree with the commenter above that melatonin helps, but doesn’t solve everything. I took counseling at school and they emphasized setting a really regular schedule with cues for your body that it’s “sleep time.” I had like a 40 minute prep routine for going to bed: taking medicine, a good long stretch, showering, brushing my teeth, putting on moisturizer, you get the idea. It actually worked pretty well over time though I’ve totally backtracked and have had terrible habits lately and the sleep has suffered as a result. I also recommend following the usual doctor’s recommendation to not do anything but sleep and messing around in bed. This way your mind ONLY associates the bed with sleep. And if you can’t fall asleep within 30 minutes. Get up and do something relaxing and even boring (no tv, exercise, internet) like reading a dictionary hehe. Otherwise especially with the anxiety that can go with insomnia, you’re gonna start associating the bed with being awake and worried about not being able to fall asleep. Finally, I have a relaxation recording I listen to on my ipod that helps me fall asleep. It’s also good for just general relaxation. Email me if you want me to send it to you. Hope some of this helped at least. I agree with Miss Piggy above that those people who fall asleep effortlessly have become really annoying…like my bf that I live with!! We actually joked yesterday that with his borderline narcolepsy and my insomnia, maybe we could have children that are normal…though more likely they’ll just get one or the other of our problems lol.
    Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets recently posted..Food as Art- Introducing Laksmi W

  5. Ellie,
    Insomnia is the worst! I’m slowly making my way through grad school and I know that some of my professors say that a magnesium supplement can help you relax and may help you get a better nights sleep (evidently it’s pretty easy to be magnesium deficient anyway due to the nutritional cost of the everyday diet/drug regimen many ppl have.) Obviously I’m no expert on the manner and you should probably consult with your pharmacist on how much/when to take it/if it’s appropriate for your lifestyle/diet/supplements or multivitamins you may already be taking, but just thought I’d throw it out there. Stressful days + no sleep is soo frustrating.
    Good luck and Take care!

    PS- I love that you’re adding more Korean recipes! I’m hoping to stock up on ingredients over my school’s break so I can cook more deliciousness! 😀

  6. Cute dog…..id be happy to get a hug from tht too! Sorry but have no tips for insomnia……hope it all gets better very soon!
    Sukaina recently posted..A Visit to The Farmers Market- Radish and Baby Spinach Salad

  7. Ellie,
    What Laura said was great advise, multi vitamins are the best thing to help you sleep. In addition to magnesium, take potassium and calcium as well, if you can find a pill that has some of each of those it cuts down on your intake of pills.
    I use a multi vitamin from this place http://www.melaleuca.com
    Hope you get some good sleep soon!
    P.S. I love your recpies, and your pictures are absolutely amazing!

    • Thanks Jill, I do take a daily multivitamin but I’ll have a chat with my pharmacist about what else I could be taking to help with the sleeping :)

  8. Deb in Indiana says:

    Cuddling the dog sounds restful to me…

  9. Your dog is soooo gorgeous! Sorry to hear about your insomnia, I have no suggestions or experience with it though :(
    Chanel recently posted..Agape Organic Restaurant- Botany

  10. If you are alcohol tolerant, I would say a little port or red wine with very soothing music…you’ll be in heaven in no time!

  11. I kicked my insomnia when I went lactose free for good. It was amazing, I hadn’t slept through the night for years, and would wander the house at night and lay awake for hours trying to drop off. It was like a miracle turnaround! Good luck, I hope you find what works for you.
    InTolerantChef recently posted..Creamy Garlic Prawns

    • I’m actually mostly lactose-free, as I usually only have milk with cereal and that might be once a week at most :/ ice cream and yoghurt tends to be a few times a month at most as well :/

  12. What a beautiful dog! I definitely agree there is nothing better than a doggy hug to make you feel better after a rough day.

  13. Cute! I hope you can get regular good-nights’ sleep soon!
    Maria @ Scandifoodie recently posted..Rustic tomato soup

  14. Hi Ellie,
    I used to suffer terribly from insomnia and am still a light and troubled sleeper, so here are my top tips!
    1) No tv, dramatic or high mental activity required reading before bed. That’s at least half an hour before bed but preferably an hour before. I go to bed half an hour before i plan on sleeping and do light reading.
    2) Calcium tablet 40 mins before bed. It works! Turns out that’s the secret to the warm milk thing. Calcium. We need it for our nerves or something.
    3) Vit b12 in the morning. (again, nerves and sleep)
    4) make sure the bedroom is cool. I like to leave the window open on the latch.
    5) light blocking eye masks and ear plugs <– the big guns!
    Hope you get to sleep again soon! Thanks for the mochi recipe =)
    Miss Umami recently posted..Lemon Broccoli Pasta

  15. Have you tried Benadryl?

  16. Antihistamines work…I also watch my dog go to sleep. It makes me want to sleep as well!

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