What happened to Kitchen Wench?

Sorry I haven’t responded to your concerned emails, but the thing is that it’s just hurt too much and taken me this long to get over it.

The short of the story is that my host (AM internet) completely fucked it up during a database move, then refused to accept any responsibility for the fuck up, and said “Oh well, it’s your fault you didn’t have a backup” despite their own assurances that the move would be fine, was no trouble and wouldn’t be noticeable.

Useless twits. (Oh, and that email address has been added intentionally – it’s freely available on their own website, but I thought that hey, if any of you readers feel like dropping the owner of this company an unpleasant little email to advise him that his company blows chunks, then please feel free!)

A month of completely useless emails from their support staff and dismissive emails from the rest of the company have resulted in absolutely no result, therefore I’ve decided to give up and start afresh. I will get my archives back up, but it will take awhile. When you’ve got 2 1/2 years worth of blog posts to be manually entered into a system, it’s no wonder.

So folks, please learn from my mistakes – back up your blog content monthly, and stay the HELL away from American Internet and their shitful, shitful customer service.

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