The winner of the $300 gift voucher is…

So it’s taken me MUCH longer to decide the winner of the $300 gift voucher, generously offered by eHarmony, who sponsored this competition. The reason for this is that there were so many entries, which varied along the entire scale from sweet, to sensible, to downright hilarious – and I just couldn’t pick who the winner should be!

So below, in no particular order, are the top 5 entrants that I thought should be singled out for their fabulous entries!

So the question is who on earth was the most deserving of the prize?

Well, it comes down to the question, doesn’t it? “What is your idea of a perfect first date?”

I didn’t specify that it had to be realistic, or even possible…but I did say “perfect” – and as a fan of unicorns who is dating a Doctor Who fan, ultimately the prize just had to go to Sara Hayward, with this stellar entry:

Unicorns! An enchanted forest! Travel through space and time! A nature reserve! A museum! Amazing dinner!

Honestly – with all bases covered, this was indeed the best response to a very open-ended question! Well, except for the video gaming bit – but that’s just me and my inability to handle anything more complicated than Wii Bowling 😛

Thanks to eHarmony for sponsoring this competition, and to all commentors for entering! And Sara, I’ll be in touch shortly to send you the details of your prize!


  1. Sara Hayward says:

    Thank you so much! I was so excited but also shocked when I opened the email because I enjoyed reading so many awesome entries. A perfect prize at the perfect time- just before the holidays. Thanks Ellie. You’re the best. =)

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