Spring into Spring with a wholemeal raspberry loaf – and IGA!

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Wholemeal raspberry loaf

If you live in Melbourne, then you will have noticed a certain change as you walk around.

A little less bite in the mornings.

A little more green in the trees.

And if you live in my street, MILLIONS of cherry blossoms bursting forth in a flurry of pink buds and blossoms.

All of this points to one thing, my lovelies! SPRING IS ON IT’S WAY!

Wholemeal raspberry loaf

Spring! And with it the feeling of new beginnings! After everything has lain dormant over the bitter chill of the winter months, all of a sudden you can open your windows and enjoy the smell of life in the air without turning into an icicle in your own lounge room. And if you’re a bit of a cleaning lunatic like me, there’s an annual ritual of turning your house upside down as you dust, wipe and clean almost every surface within reach.

And my garden! Oh oh oh! It’s time to weed and turn over the beds in preparation for planting for this new growing season! Planning your crops, starting your seed and dreaming of the fresh produce that will be laid out on your table as a result.

So many things to love about Spring!

Wholemeal raspberry loaf

To help you prepare for all this, IGA are running an awesome campaign to encourage you to “Spring Into Action” with their handy household tips and healthy eating recipes. But not only that – by buying your goods from the participating brands at IGA and entering their competition on the website, they are ALSO giving you the chance to win your own share of $100,000 in IGA gift cards that they are giving away!

12 draws every week, for four weeks in a row and prizes ranging from $1000 – $10,000? Tell me that wouldn’t help you make your Spring preparations! And with SO many chances to win, why *wouldn’t* you shop there?

Wholemeal raspberry loaf

So to do my bit to promote this great giveaway, I thought I’d take the opportunity to try out their recipe for a wonderful-looking Raspberry Bread, in the hopes that it would be as tasty as it looked. The fact that it used Flora Pro-Activ rather than butter was also a pretty big part in my decision. You see, my father not only suffers from type-2 Diabetes, but also has very high cholesterol. This means that he very rarely gets to enjoy the fruits of my baking labours, and even then only a small slice due to the saturated fat from the butter and the refined sugar.

With no butter in this recipe, sugar cut down to a 1/2 cup and the fact that it uses wholemeal flour – it’s one of those things where you can have a slice without wincing at the thought of your slice of cake going straight to your hips.

And let’s be honest here – after a winter of heavy, starchy, meaty goodness, I’m certainly not going to complain about a healthier treat for myself and the rest of the family too!

Wholemeal raspberry loaf

As for the verdict?


The wholemeal flour and nut meal in this cake give it a bit of body without making it too heavy or dense, and the raspberries keep it so incredibly moist that it feels quite indulgent! To be completely honest with you – unless you saw the recipe for yourself, there’s no way you’d ever know that this was one of those “healthy” recipes! I’ve already discovered that while it’s perfectly fine alongside a cup of tea, a quick zap in the microwave with nice smear of Flora Pro-Activ makes it that much more unctuous to the point where it feels naughty!

Wholemeal raspberry loaf

So head on over to the IGA website for the full recipe and more tips on how to “Spring into Action!


  1. Oh, spring! The weather here in Sydney has just been remarkable over the past two weeks…blue skies, sunshine, not a breeze at all…plus the tickle in my nose that hints at hayfever! I can’t wait :)
    Amanda @ Gourmanda recently posted..Review: Lygon Foodstore, Carlton

  2. I love Spring….its the best weather for me in Sydney. By the way that raspberry bread looks delicious I would love to try some….when will the internet invent “tasting” via websites hehe

  3. i love how the raspberries make it look like polka dots!

    i’m giving away a kitchenaid mixer on my blog! i’d love it if you came by and said hi!:

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