RSPCA Cupcake Day 2011

UPDATE: Amazing! With the $656.25 raised from cupcake sales, this brings the total raised to $816.25! If you would like to donate to the fundraiser then please donate via my RSPCA Cupcake Day fundraiser page!

Those who know me know that I am crazy for dogs. Big or small, shaggy or groomed, quiet or manic – if it has four paws and barks then chances are that I will go gaga for canine cuddles.

And all of you who regularly read this blog will be familiar with my canine companion and sous-chef, Mr Woofy:

For the past three years, I have participated in RSPCA Cupcake Day as my one annual fundraising event. The first year we raised $350. Last year we hit $418. This year I set my sights on $500…

and so far we’ve raised over $600!

This time of year marks a very special time for me. A time when I set aside an entire weekend to bake and decorate as many cupcakes as humanly possible (in a domestic oven which only bakes 12 cupcakes at a time), putting my time, energy and money into creating cupcakes to be sold to friends, family and colleagues.

And with every single cent donated by all being given to the RSPCA (no, I don’t deduct any costs as I see these as being part of my donation), it means the proceeds from every single cupcake sold goes straight to the RSPCA!

This year’s mammoth baking effort ended up with over 200 cupcakes being made in the space of 24 hours (with decorating happening in the following 24 hours), and two consecutive nights of staying up till 3am and snatching about 3 hours of sleep each night as I desperately create as many cupcakes as possible for sale.

While we’ve reached my target of raising over $500 for this year’s RSPCA Cupcake Day, I hope that if you’ve enjoyed reading this blog and the recipes that I share, that you’ll consider donating to a cause that is very dear to my heart! You can donate on my page by visiting this link: Kitchen Wench Fundraising Page

Come on, guys! Let’s do it for the puppies :)



  1. Well done Ellie! What a mammoth task and an awesome effort. The cupcakes look absolutely delicious and like little clones, not a fleck of icing out of place. Wow!!!!

  2. Brilliant effort, congratulations! RSPCA is such a worth cause, and one I donate to from my paltry wage several times a year. I promise, next year I’ll save one of those donations and send it through your page :-)

  3. Great Job, and what an amazing cause!

  4. “@kitchenwench: New blog post: RSPCA Cupcake Day 2011” just gorgeous!!!!!

  5. Wow you are an incredible baker and human being — fantastic job!

  6. You are incredible! These look amazing 😛

  7. Such a great cause. Your cupcakes look amazing :)

    • Thanks Nic! :) I had a very good response to them this year so I’m hoping to work on even more cupcake recipes before next year’s event so I can debut them then!

  8. Great job and what a great cause too. Fantastic!

  9. Your cupcakes are absolutely perfect, as always! Awesome job on the fundraising total too 😀

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