Quick mix pikelets

I love pancakes – their light, delicate texture, warm out of the pan drizzled with maple syrup and topped with fresh fruit, they make a completely decadant breakfast. Unfortunately, the only people who eat pancakes/pikelets/crepes in my house are myself and my brother, so I don’t make them very often.

They’re not fancy, there’s no buttermilk, no berries, no butter – but they taste lovely and fluffy and make a very quick and easy breakfast!


4 tbsp sugar
1 egg
1 cup self-raising flour
3/4 cup milk
1/4 tsp bicarb soda
2 tsp vanilla essence

1. Mix together sugar and egg, beat till combined. Add vanilla and beat again.

2. Beat in flour and combined milk and bicarb soda, alternating between both. Beat till smooth.

3. Drop spoonfuls onto a hot, buttered pan, cook till bubbles begin to appear, then flip and cook for about 1 minute.

Serve with cream, maple syrup and fresh fruit. This makes a wonderfully quick breakfast for two :)

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  1. Hi Ellie,

    I was wondering if you have used Morinaga hot cake’s mix, and if it’ll be the same result for this recipe?

  2. Carol – I wish I could tell you but I’ve never used cake mix before so I have no idea 😯

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