Come on over, we’re firing up the barbie

Though I am fiercly proud of my Korean heritage, I have always maintained that my home is Australia, and that I cannot envisage living anywhere else … [Continue reading]

Sugar beware, I’m armed and dangerous

Halfway through last year, a few months after starting this blog, I decided that I should take the jump and buy myself a little kitchen blow torch. My … [Continue reading]

No bananarama here, just banana-love

I have a confession. I don't like bananas. It's a bit strange really - I adore banana in things that utilize the flavour (tarts, cakes, … [Continue reading]

Moussin’ about (and happy blog-iversary?)

When Helen announced the theme for this month's HHDD event, my ears perked up. Whilst I've tried my hand at most desserts, the humble mousse was … [Continue reading]

Oodles of noodles

This colourful dish is one of my favourite Korean noodle dishes, warming, refreshing and filling at the same time! Korean cuisine has many brothy … [Continue reading]

What’s mine is not yours

I apologize for this non-food related post but there's something that I need to air. The internet is a big, broad expanse and it is impossible to … [Continue reading]

How to say “thanks!”

Now, although my food photography skills have slowly been (in my opinion) improving, I've never been able to take nice landscape and scenery shots. I … [Continue reading]


So, after a week of my body fighting off the onset of a cold, it seems to have finally dug it's germy little claws into my body - I have been sneezing … [Continue reading]

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