Frightful Frying Pans

With the competition finally over for the Scanpan 32cm IQ Frying pan, I’m proud to announce the winner who will now get to replace their over-loved frying pan with this fantastic new one, courtesy of Kitchenware Direct!

And the winner is….

Yuliana Lays from Melbourne, who submitted this incredible photo of her rather sad-looking frying pan which desperately needs to be replaced!

Yuliana, I have absolutely no idea how you managed to cook with this thing, but I hope that your brand new frying pan will help you in your quest for ongoing deliciousness :)

As for everyone else, I pinky promise that I’ll put up a new recipe tomorrow! In the meantime, here’s is a teaser pic of some strawberry sauce :)

Anyone want to guess what the sauce was used on? :)


  1. woah that is a frightful pan!!

    that strawberry sauce looks damn good… hmmmm…some kind of cheesecake?!

  2. ermm… cheesecake? you are killing me… quick tell us what cake is that and what sauce is that please

  3. Ok yeah she def needed it haha. That sauce looks delicious!

  4. Mmmmm can’t tell, but it looks delicious!

  5. You are SO not posting. /bigsadface/

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