Cloud 9 Frozen Yoghurt – Frozen in the clouds

This post is sponsored by Cloud 9 Frozen Yoghurt, but all thoughts expressed are my own.

So a few weeks ago, I was contacted about an idea.

A funny idea.

A strange idea.

A slightly crazy idea.

And a question that I was curious to see answered.

What was this?

Is it possible to make frozen yoghurt in the clouds?

You know what? Turns out that it is!

Kitchen Wench’s Launch into the Clouds from Cloud 9 Frozen Yoghurt on Vimeo.

So the madmen over at Cloud 9 decided to send a few buckets of their frozen yoghurt into the atmosphere riding weather balloons to see if they could get it to freeze. When I first heard the idea, I lost my marbles with laughter as it was the craziest idea for fro-yo that I’d ever heard. I mean, are you serious?

But then I thought – hell, could it work? WOULD it work? You know what they say – nothing ventured, nothing gained…

So I signed up for this experiment and said let ‘er rip…and indeed they did!


As you can see from the video, it did indeed work…but there’s just one thing that the team failed to take into consideration with this whole project – THE END DELIVERY.

I mean, honestly! The fact that they hand-delivered it during the day meant I had no option but to receive it at work…surrounded by curious coworkers.

Who I then had to share it with.

Which then prompted even more people at the office to try a bit.

Till all I had left was one lonely scoop :(



Geeze! I mean, let’s think about this people! If you deliver a big, mysterious black box to someone while they’re at work, you just know that their colleagues are gonna ask about it! And since it’s food…well, if I didn’t share, that would have just made me look selfish! So what option did I have?

If it’s any consolation, all the people at work who tried it all agreed that it was quite delicious and I believe I’ve created a small team of converts to your brand due to your delivery… And you know, the entire tub wouldn’t have disappeared so quickly if it hadn’t been smooth, sweet, delightful and just as decadent as ice cream… but I’m not gonna hide my disappointment.

But that’s okay – I just ran to the supermarket after work to pick up a tub and have been slowly working my way through it ever since :)


Cloud 9 comes in a trio of flavours – Strawberry DreamLimoncello Bliss and Vanilla Heaven. It is available at Coles, IGA and independent retailers. You can also follow Cloud 9 Frozen yoghurt on TwitterInstagramPinterest  and on the website.


  1. This is hilarious! I just showed hubby the video! It looks delicious! Will have to keep my eyes open and buy some when I find it.
    The Life of Clare recently posted..At J’s Request.

  2. Hi Ellie,

    Your recipes are real inspiring and and mostly easy to follow for lots of beginning cooks! Do you know how to make the dried, spicy squid (오징어채 무침), dried anchovies (멸치볶음), or Korean black rice (흑미쌀)? My halmoni sends me the side dishes a couple times every year, but it’s not enough anymore because I can’t eat rice in college (no kitchen or Korean/Asian market)! Plus, I bet halmoni would be super happy if I send her some sides for once, as a surprise! Thanks.



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