Sweet, salty, spicy – Korean braised potatoes

While I was born in South Korea, my family immigrated to Australia when I was just 4 years old, therefore I never really had a chance to spend much time with my extended family – especially my mother’s parents, whom I’ve always loved and yearned for more time with. We did go back to Korea […]

Roasted sweet potato & tomato salad

I’m sorry for the long absence folks, but after feeling utterly burnt out for awhile with work and family stuff, I decided to take the weekend off and go to one of Victoria’s most beautiful destinations, a little coastal town called Apollo Bay However, even that didn’t seem like a total holiday as I was […]

Simple Asian Sides

Banchan come in an assortment of flavour and texture, and give a very easy way of incorporating many different elements into just one meal. The best thing about it is that they can all be prepared beforehand and stored for a week or more at a time, meaning that all you have to do come […]

Soup’s up!

Whilst I adore soups and broths, most of my experience with them has been Korean dishes so even at the age of 26, I’m still quite unfamiliar with a lot of Western-style soups. My exposure to most of the ones I know happened when I was in primary school and a family friends mother bought/discovered […]

300 posts and not enough kimchi

Not only did I pass my 2 year milestone last month, but was stunned to discover when I made my last post that my next would be my 300th! Yeouch! That is a LOT of writing, photos and recipes – who would’ve thunk that a website that essentially started out as a project for a […]

Clog those arteries with some fried chicken and slaw! Or not…

If there is one fast food chain which I have a weakness for, it’s KFC. Granted, I only crave it once every few months so it’s not exactly as if I go crazy on the stuff, but the deep fried danger and greasy, crispy chicken skin (which I peel off after one bite) means that […]

A Taste of Yellow

When I saw all the posts popping up for the ‘A Taste of Yellow” event, all sorts of thoughts entered my head as I began planning a sweet creation. Slowly, an image formed in my mind…a striped joconde, encasing layers of honeyed jelly and a banana bavarian cream, and the Livestrong wristband proudly encasing my […]

The most magnificent noodle salad of all

A long time promised – and finally here it is! Our recipe for japchae, a magnificently multi-coloured noodle salad dish that is a must-have on any celebratory table. Though, like many Korean recipes, it is quite time-consuming, this extremely fragrant and flavoursome dish is well worth the time and effort it requires, and is guaranteed […]

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