Soup’s up!

Whilst I adore soups and broths, most of my experience with them has been Korean dishes so even at the age of 26, I’m still quite unfamiliar with a lot of Western-style soups. My exposure to most of the ones I know happened when I was in primary school and a family friends mother bought/discovered […]

300 posts and not enough kimchi

Not only did I pass my 2 year milestone last month, but was stunned to discover when I made my last post that my next would be my 300th! Yeouch! That is a LOT of writing, photos and recipes – who would’ve thunk that a website that essentially started out as a project for a […]

Clog those arteries with some fried chicken and slaw! Or not…

If there is one fast food chain which I have a weakness for, it’s KFC. Granted, I only crave it once every few months so it’s not exactly as if I go crazy on the stuff, but the deep fried danger and greasy, crispy chicken skin (which I peel off after one bite) means that […]

The most magnificent noodle salad of all

A long time promised – and finally here it is! Our recipe for japchae, a magnificently multi-coloured noodle salad dish that is a must-have on any celebratory table. Though, like many Korean recipes, it is quite time-consuming, this extremely fragrant and flavoursome dish is well worth the time and effort it requires, and is guaranteed […]

Happy Lunar New Year! (Korean dumpling soup)

Happy new year, everybody! You may think that my greetings are either too late or too early, but you’re only correct if you guessed the latter! For those who aren’t aware, it is the first day of the new Lunar year on this coming Thursday, so at this stage, Korean families all over the world […]

Korean spicy pork & potato stew

Meat and potatoes. A combination seen in many/most cultures, it’s a combination with infinite reincarnations from the most run of the mill burger ‘n fries to Shepard’s pie or even a hearty Irish stew! Regardless the dish, this combination of protein and carbs usually signifies comfort food – hearty, stick-to-your-ribs fare that’ll fill you up […]

Not quite a chipmunk, but can I still like acorns?

Any of you who have had direct contact with me may have wondered a bit about the email address. I know that when I have to give out out for various reasons, people seem to be unable to actually wrap their heads around it: “Chip…monk…what? Huh? Not a monk? OH! Chip-munk – chipmunk, like the […]

A summertime seaweed soup

I spent a bit of time debating the title of this post. You see, to me, the image it evokes is immediately nostalgic and tasty, yet I can see how someone who is unfamiliar with this dish would read it and think “WTF?!” to themselves. I mean, even the more well known warm broth which […]

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