Garlic & Ginger Grilled Prawns – and a giveaway!

This grill pan was provided free of charge by Kitchenware Direct for the purposes of this review, however all images, text and opinions are my own. Apologies for the absence, folks! There’s been a lot of happenings here in the world of your Kitchen Wench. Lots of ups. Lots of downs. And lots of in-between! Part of […]

Barbequed Chilli & Garlic Prawns with Couscous Salad

Before I get started, I just have to say thank you to everyone. It has been a tough few weeks since the loss of my darling Mr Woofy and I must admit that there are times that the grief became almost too much for me to bear. But so many of you have reached out […]

Tasty Tempura

What is it about frying food that makes it so delicious? I mean, I have to honestly say that I question creations such as fried cookie dough (come on guys, are you serious??) and deep fried butter (I genuinely thought that my brother was KIDDING when he told me about this. And then I googled […]

Stuff yer squid!

*Sigh* So, am I the most lax food blogger, or what? Happy belated new year, dear readers. I hope you’re all having a fabulous 2010 that has so far been full of delicious food and amusing escapades, whether they be in or out of the kitchen. Unfortunately, the reason for my rather extended hiatus from […]

Magnificent Mussels

I absolutely adore almost anything that comes from the sea (with the exception of jellyfish – I just can’t get my head around it!), and this love is particularly strong when it comes to anything that resides in a shell. Crayfish, bugs (also known as slipper/shovelnose lobsters), crabs, prawns, pipis – they’re all marvellous, but […]

Quick, cheap and easy student fare

This is student fare – cheap, easy, fast and freezable. One of the first savoury recipes that I added to my repertoire outside our Korean recipes, it was one that I used when I was desperate for something quick and filling that wasn’t pasta. Made into small medallions, they make great a great snack that […]

Sweet Chilli Lime Prawns

While the majority of you, my readers, are based in the northern hemisphere and have been enjoying your turkeys and goose and things like being snowed in and spending nights in front of crackling fireplaces, we in the southern hemisphere have, for most of the past week, had to endure torrential rain that has led […]

Bring on the banchan, pt 2

I have to admit that the response to my mother’s Korean recipes has been utterly overwhelming – so much so that I’ve been pestering her over the past few months to start writing down her recipes into some sort of cookbook. Unfortunately, since she cooks instinctively and by memory, the idea of having to sit […]

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