Spiced sweet pumpkin loaf

Change is a-comin’. It’s no longer pitch black when I leave the house for work in the mornings. I’m no longer sleeping with three blankets, and I’ve actually lost track of how long it’s been since I’ve had to throw water on the windshield of my car to defrost the ice in a hurry. Everything […]

Cheese & Chive Scones

There’s a lot to be said for living with others. Particularly if it involves cooking for them. I know a lot of people will say that “oh no, my family aren’t picky and will eat every damn thing that is served to them”, but I know many others will agree with me in saying that […]

Sweet Strawberry Shortcakes

Sorry I’ve been so absent folks – between work and taking care of my family, I’m so exhausted that I feel pretty drained of the will to live…UGH! Okay, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but the honest truth is that spare time to blog is a bit of a rare commodity at the […]

Learning to love cornbread…

As most of you readers are well, my ethnic background is South Korean, and I’ve spent most of my life growing up here in Australia. What that means is that my cooking and eating habits are a strange mish-mash of cultures – for example, I eat kimchi with almost anything, and I find it difficult […]

So, who wants to take me on a date?

At the moment, I’m afraid that there hasn’t been any action on the romantic front, which means many long, lonely nights curled up in bed with a book and my dog, sighing wistfully as I imagine a dashing gent who’ll come along and sweep me off my… HAH! Sorry, couldn’t help myself ๐Ÿ˜› I’m not […]

Fluffy buttermilk sultana scones

Sorry for the lack of updates, folks, but my mother has been ill this week and consequently I’ve been kept busy running the household and taking care of the rest of my domestically-challenged family. Not to worry, there are posts in draft, just need the time, energy and mental capacity to blog them. I have […]

Snow-capped breakfast mountains

Now tell me that this picture doesn’t make you hungry. I dare ya. Ethereally light and moist ricotta pancakes resting ever so gently on a pile of fresh, sweet, ruby-red strawberries, dusted in a generous helping of powdered sugar. Here, want a napkin to wipe up that drool? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Now, if you’re even the slightest […]

A frozen nose, a burnt tongue and a sweet, sugary memory

“You know,” my mother mused aloud as she watched me frowning over a big metal bowl of dough, “most ‘ahjumas‘1 don’t even bother making this from scratch because the packet mix is so good…” I grit my teeth. “Shut up, mom!” Seemingly oblivious to my pained request that she stop rubbing it in, she continued […]

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