Somewhere, there’s a field of wingless chickens

I really am rather naughty, aren’t I? I spent the entire day on Saturday last week being tied to the kitchen as I churned out a number of dishes to blog, and I haven’t blogged a single one! However, it can’t be helped – I have an almost ridiculous amount of work going on with […]

From mother’s loving hands

My family are absolute chicken fiends. We have red meat maybe once or twice a week, and lots of seafood and fish, but for some reason chicken tends to appear on the dinner table only about once a month. However, when it does, it’s usually done so in a ridiculously tasty way courtesy of my […]

A soup to bring you back to life

Some dishes are classics – they are uncomplicated, fussy, time-tested and known the world over for the simple reason that they taste homely and good, and chicken soup is one of those dishes. Most people are familiar with the warming, restorative properties of a well-made broth, and there’s certainly good reason why people declare you […]

Oops, I did it again

If I look to my right, there is a big, dark brown wooden bookshelf that reaches almost up to my ceiling, and it is absolutely bursting with books. Sure, there is plenty of casual reading, but two bookshelves are completely overwhelmed by cook books and food magazines. A lot fewer than some, but an impressive […]

How to poach an egg

I am an egg lover. That’s right – I love these little bundles of protein that are flavourful yet versatile enough to be used for so many different dishes! My favourite way to have them is poached, but till this weekend I didn’t know how to poach them myself, and had to stick to soft-boiled […]

Chicken chilli stirfry

Hopefully those of you in the rest of the world are unfamiliar with the title of this post – it hearkens back to a particularly successful and scarily well-known ‘Chicken Tonight’ simmer sauces put out by Continental/Unilever. Very unlike anything from a store-bought bottle of sauce from the supermarket is my mother’s chilli chicken stir-fry […]

Beware the dinner guests when you have chicken

Mom ended up having a tiny dinner party tonight with a few of her friends, in celebration of Mother’s Day tomorrow and their mothers all being in South Korea or having passed on. Now, whilst I love nearly all of my mother’s cooking, some dishes are a bit of a headache to eat – tonight’s […]

Easy Peasy Sweet & Sour Chicken

Got home from uni at 1pm and was starved, so I wanted something warm, comforting and filling. Not including time taken to prepare the chicken (I am a chicken nazi – I’m terrified of the fat in the skin so will painstakingly sit and remove every piece of skin and fat from the chicken pieces, […]

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