Bibimbap – a Korean favourite

Before we get into today’s post, my recipe for chicken, tofu & mushroom dumplings is up in an international recipe battle for Mushroom Masters on the Tastespotting blog! Please take the time to click this link and vote for me! Please? Pretty please? With a cherry on top? WARNING: The letter directly underneath this image […]

Chicken, Shiitake & Portabello Mushroom Dumplings

This is a sponsored post on behalf of the Australian Mushroom Growers Association! Please vote for my dumplings at the official Tastespotting competition page here! Dear sweet and loyal readers. It’s that time of year again. Last year, you helped me win an absolute landslide victory in the Mushroom Masters – a competition run by […]

Fragrant chicken soup – a cure for the common cold

I don’t know about you guys, but every time that I come down with a cold, I’m simply astonished by the sheer volume of phlegm that the human body is capable of creating. I mean, my god, WHERE is it all coming from, and HOW?! Thanks to my high school biology classes, I know that […]

5 years on…and traditional Korean noodles

I realized this week that this marks the 5 year anniversary of this little ol’ food blog of mine. 5 years. That’s pretty much the longest relationship that I’ve ever had (yeah, my track record with romance isn’t exactly stellar…but that’s for another time!) When I look back, it’s been a pretty interesting 5 years. […]

Moroccan Chicken & Pumpkin Soup

About a month ago, I was invited to try a few products from the range of McCormick’s Slow Cooker recipe bases, so I agreed to give them a try. Any of you who are long-time readers of the blog will know my personal feelings on premade flavour packages and instant products, but I’m open-minded enough […]

Korean spicy deep-fried chicken

Move over, Colonel and KFC. Your days are through. Why? Because Korean deep-fried chicken is taking your place! Whilst not a ‘traditional’ dish (in that the history of the dish comes from the influence of the US in Sth Korea rather than from hundreds of years and generations of perfection), this is still a food […]

Sausage, Capsicum & Sweet Potato Frittata

*cough* Hi there. Umm, I don’t know if you remember me. You see, it’s been awhile. After a major drama ended up crushing my spirit, I decided to take a break from the blog…which turned out to be longer than expected. To be honest, I didn’t know if I’d come back. But here I am…so […]

Clog those arteries with some fried chicken and slaw! Or not…

If there is one fast food chain which I have a weakness for, it’s KFC. Granted, I only crave it once every few months so it’s not exactly as if I go crazy on the stuff, but the deep fried danger and greasy, crispy chicken skin (which I peel off after one bite) means that […]

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