The most magnificent noodle salad of all

A long time promised – and finally here it is! Our recipe for japchae, a magnificently multi-coloured noodle salad dish that is a must-have on any celebratory table. Though, like many Korean recipes, it is quite time-consuming, this extremely fragrant and flavoursome dish is well worth the time and effort it requires, and is guaranteed […]

Pasta in a flash – fresh, fast and super easy!

We’ve been having quite a few dinner guests recently, and that has meant that I’ve been on hand a fair bit preparing dinners and desserts for folks that are over, and usually dining on the leftovers the following day. However, one dinner that I prepared with a delightful seafood pasta – and during the preparations, […]

Happy Lunar New Year! (Korean dumpling soup)

Happy new year, everybody! You may think that my greetings are either too late or too early, but you’re only correct if you guessed the latter! For those who aren’t aware, it is the first day of the new Lunar year on this coming Thursday, so at this stage, Korean families all over the world […]

Korean spicy pork & potato stew

Meat and potatoes. A combination seen in many/most cultures, it’s a combination with infinite reincarnations from the most run of the mill burger ‘n fries to Shepard’s pie or even a hearty Irish stew! Regardless the dish, this combination of protein and carbs usually signifies comfort food – hearty, stick-to-your-ribs fare that’ll fill you up […]

Leave your table manners at the door, and please take a napkin…

Those of you who know the Chinese black bean noodle dish ‘Zhajiang mian’ ( ) may look at this and think that it looks awfully familiar. And, in fact, you’d be right! This, dear readers, is the Korean version of that well-known Chinese dish, with the almost exact name of ‘jja-jjang myun’ (). While the […]

Warm kipfler potato salad

There is a reason that you don’t see many salads on this blog. To be honest, my creativity with salads is limited, to say the least. My vegetable intake is usually raw as part of a dish (cucumber & carrot sticks, rice paper rolls, lettuce leaf wraps) or just a bunch of vegetables from the […]

I’ll be back soon, my darlings, soon

Yeesh, talk about an overdue post – this one is a few weeks in the making! About a week and a half ago I received an email from a reader asking if I had a recipe for a particular Korean dish called ‘soon doo boo jji gae‘ – a spicy stew that is made with […]

Best ever meal-in-a-bowl!

When you talk to people about Korean food, there are some dishes that you would expect them to know about, such as kimchi, bulgogi and galbi. However, with the increasing interest in Korean cuisine and number of Korean eateries and grocery stores popping up all over the place, other dishes are beginning to increase in […]

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