My guide to perfect Korean dumplings – aka mandu

Just 6 hours left till the draw closes to win the Le Chasseur Cast Iron Grill! There’s three ways to enter, and you can give yourself up to three entries in the draw! Check this post for more details Dumplings are awesome. Why? Because inside a thin pastry wrapper, you can hide almost ANY ingredient, […]

Pulled Pork – stovetop style!

Anyone who spends a reasonable amount of time in the kitchen will be able to tell you that every cook has their preferences for cooking utensils. Some people, for example, say there’s no need to spend hundreds on expensive pots and pans and that a $5 jobby from the supermarket does the job just fine. […]

Chilli & garlic braised pork belly wraps (a twist on a Korean favourite)

Having immigrated to Australia at the tender age of 4 and spending most of my life here, my memories of life in Korea are, unfortunately, few and far between. I feel more comfortable with sitting in a beer garden with glass of wine or gin & tonic rather than doing shots of soju. With all […]

When cultures collide: Jja-jang myun & tang su yuk

In the cultural triangle that is China, Korea and Japan, there are a lot of similar dishes that each country does in their own way. For example – China have a gazillion and one types of dumplings, Korea has mandu, and Japan has their gyoza. In Japan you have sushi (so many kinds), and in […]

Stuff yer squid!

*Sigh* So, am I the most lax food blogger, or what? Happy belated new year, dear readers. I hope you’re all having a fabulous 2010 that has so far been full of delicious food and amusing escapades, whether they be in or out of the kitchen. Unfortunately, the reason for my rather extended hiatus from […]

Marvellous Minestrone

Hi! Remember me? That’s right, it’s your friendly (virtual) neighborhood Kitchen Wench, finally burrowing out of the ether to confirm that yes, I am in fact still alive. I honestly can’t believe that I haven’t posted since the beginning of August – almost as much as I can’t believe that we’re nearing the end of October, and […]

300 posts and not enough kimchi

Not only did I pass my 2 year milestone last month, but was stunned to discover when I made my last post that my next would be my 300th! Yeouch! That is a LOT of writing, photos and recipes – who would’ve thunk that a website that essentially started out as a project for a […]

A Taste of Yellow

When I saw all the posts popping up for the ‘A Taste of Yellow” event, all sorts of thoughts entered my head as I began planning a sweet creation. Slowly, an image formed in my mind…a striped joconde, encasing layers of honeyed jelly and a banana bavarian cream, and the Livestrong wristband proudly encasing my […]

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