Food bloggers are good for both body and mind

One of the web’s many food bloggers who never fails to grab my attention is Neil from At My Table. A fellow Aussie and Melbournian, he’s a seasoned cook who makes delights such as infused cherry vodka and mussels in cider as well as writing on a variety of topics from wines and spices to […]

Mr. Bear’s Teaparty

Or, how to knock up an entry for Sugar High Friday in an hour! When I saw this post on Habeas Brulee last month for Sugar High Friday, I made a note that I’d prepare something elaborate, try my hand at spun sugar, toffee “glass windows” and all manner of other ideas that I had. […]


Whilst I obviously still need to work on my pastry-shaping skills, these unassuming brown domes held naught but tastiness inside! I love food blogging events, I’ve participated in two so far and both have been marvellous. The last I took part in, Blogging By Mail, introduced me to the wonderful Brilynn, the blogger behind Jumbo […]


This lemon tart was beautiful, and easily made up for my strawberry tart disappointment! After my previous heartbreak, I decided to sit down and research before making my next tart to ensure that it would be a delicious success – after the strawberry tart fiasco, I couldn’t bear anything but perfection from my next attempt […]

My first apple pie

I went on a crazy baking binge tonight – it started at 9pm and ended at 3am. I made 2 carrot cakes, but the urge to bake continued to bite my fingers. 1 1/2 mud cakes later (2 miniature ones), and the baking bug was still tormenting me. Then I remembered the kilo of apples […]

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