Heavenly Beauty – Poached Pear Halo Cake

Over the years, I’ve made many many cakes that the family and I have greatly enjoyed (though some have been better successes than others), but the problem is that the times that I repeat those recipes tend to be few and far between. Why? Well, simply put, my penchant for buying new cookbooks means that […]

Morning muesli pick-me-up

Whether you call them granola bars or muesli bars, the fact is that many companies make millions off these bars of natural pure energy. An easy breakfast or mid-morning snack, they are the perfect treat for anyone on the go, and a wonderfully compact energy boost when you feel yourself running out of steam. However, […]

Perfect Pistachio Cookies

The collective family sweet tooth is a difficult b*stard to satisfy. We like things that are a bit sweet, but too sweet and not a soul will touch them. A little chocolate is alright, but anything wholly chocolate will usually get very little attention. Baked fruits are mostly out, though forgivable with a home-made custard, […]

Retro-cool and a touch of nostalgia

There’s something about seed cakes that seem infinitely old-fashioned and comforting to me, especially one cake combination that has stood the test of time and continues to appear in it’s cool kitschy cute way in many a cookbook – that being the orange and poppy seed cake. This recipe comes from a tiny little recipe […]

The most moreish cake you’ll ever try!

Apparently, it’s called writer’s block. And I appear to be suffering it. I’m still cooking…I just seem to have lost the power to compose semi-eloquent sentences that will entice you readers to become excited about what I’ve been baking – but I guess that’s what the pictures are for, right? This is another recipe from […]

Nuts about Macadamias

I’m totally nuts about macadamias. If the almond is the everyday Ford of the nut world, the macadamia would probably be the equivalent of an Aston Martin – smooth, sexy and ridiculously rich. Have you ever tasted a macadamia before? I’m not talking about idly popping one or two into your mouth, I’m talking about […]

I’m totally nuts for nuts

Now, I have professed my love of the mightly nut on this blog before, and anyone who is a long-time reader may have picked up on my sheer adoration of the walnut. It is, in my opinion, one of the most marvellous nuts out there – with its soft, meaty flesh, fragrant oil and mild […]

A frozen nose, a burnt tongue and a sweet, sugary memory

“You know,” my mother mused aloud as she watched me frowning over a big metal bowl of dough, “most ‘ahjumas‘1 don’t even bother making this from scratch because the packet mix is so good…” I grit my teeth. “Shut up, mom!” Seemingly oblivious to my pained request that she stop rubbing it in, she continued […]

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