Marvellous Minestrone

Hi! Remember me? That’s right, it’s your friendly (virtual) neighborhood Kitchen Wench, finally burrowing out of the ether to confirm that yes, I am in fact still alive. I honestly can’t believe that I haven’t posted since the beginning of August – almost as much as I can’t believe that we’re nearing the end of October, and […]

Mochi mochi mochi, must be funny, in a rice grain’s world

HAH! I am the funniest ever. *hears the bells of corny-ness pealing in the distance* Okay, I’ll shaddup now. Well, with the bad lyrics anyway. The blood orange curd is still sitting in my fridge, and the butter has been put back in the fridge. I’ll do it tomorrow, I promise. And whilst you ‘tsk […]

Bring on the banchan, pt 2

I have to admit that the response to my mother’s Korean recipes has been utterly overwhelming – so much so that I’ve been pestering her over the past few months to start writing down her recipes into some sort of cookbook. Unfortunately, since she cooks instinctively and by memory, the idea of having to sit […]

Dreams of Coney Island

My brother is a health nut. Almost every day for lunch he has a tuna salad (tuna in springwater, chopped vegetables with no dressing!) and he rarely if ever indulges in naughty things such as sweets, cookies, cakes or chocolate. In fact, I often have to cajole him to give any of my baking a […]

Steam it up

Steamed buns – one filled with sweetened red bean paste, the other with finely chopped spring onion With China, Japan and Korea being in such close proximity to each other, it means that many dishes cross the short distances to each country, either in its existing form or being recreated into a new variation (such […]

F is for fritter – HHDH #6

When Jenjen of Milk & Cookies announced the theme for Hey Hey It’s Donna Hay #6 – F is for Fritter, I took it as a sign that yes, I had to take part! I love fritters of many kinds (except the deep fried mars bars as found at a certain fish’n’chip shop in Yarraville […]

I got mung’d!

Well, mung bean’ed at any rate For the opening of my parent’s new business we had to prepare a whole lot of food, and this particular food was made in great quantity. Made with a base of pureed mung beans, it’s called ‘bin-dae-dduk’, it is another of those foods which appear at most feast day […]

Identity Crisis Sauce

Have you ever made a dish that wasn’t quite sure what it was? Not quite a pasta sauce, but not quite a stew or a satay either? Well, this dish is pretty much exactly that. It works as a pasta sauce or even on rice, can be spooned up with some roti or naan or […]

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