My guide to perfect Korean dumplings – aka mandu

Just 6 hours left till the draw closes to win the Le Chasseur Cast Iron Grill! There’s three ways to enter, and you can give yourself up to three entries in the draw! Check this post for more details Dumplings are awesome. Why? Because inside a thin pastry wrapper, you can hide almost ANY ingredient, […]

Korean marinated bbq beef short ribs

Dear vegetarian readers who are squeamish about meat, This post is not for you. Contained below is a LOT of squealing about meat. And photos of slabs of cow. With loving regards, Ellie xoxo It’s been a fair while since I posted a Korean recipe up here, but here’s one that I’ve been wanting to […]

Bibimbap – a Korean favourite

Before we get into today’s post, my recipe for chicken, tofu & mushroom dumplings is up in an international recipe battle for Mushroom Masters on the Tastespotting blog! Please take the time to click this link and vote for me! Please? Pretty please? With a cherry on top? WARNING: The letter directly underneath this image […]

Korean sweet soy-braised oxtail

Every now and then, my mother breaks into a little random reminiscing about “the good old days” You know, saying things like “In the old days, young people used to be much more respectful of their elders!” Or, “the air used to be cleaner!” Or, as the case may be, “I used to get ox […]

Chilli & garlic braised pork belly wraps (a twist on a Korean favourite)

Having immigrated to Australia at the tender age of 4 and spending most of my life here, my memories of life in Korea are, unfortunately, few and far between. I feel more comfortable with sitting in a beer garden with glass of wine or gin & tonic rather than doing shots of soju. With all […]

Korean zucchini pancakes – hobak jeon!

Could someone please tell me where the year has gone? Anyone? Hello? I stared at the calendar at work today in complete and utter disbelief. Are we really already almost at the end of May? It seems like only yesterday I was sitting on my best friend’s balcony as we drank cocktails and celebrated the […]

When cultures collide: Jja-jang myun & tang su yuk

In the cultural triangle that is China, Korea and Japan, there are a lot of similar dishes that each country does in their own way. For example – China have a gazillion and one types of dumplings, Korea has mandu, and Japan has their gyoza. In Japan you have sushi (so many kinds), and in […]

5 years on…and traditional Korean noodles

I realized this week that this marks the 5 year anniversary of this little ol’ food blog of mine. 5 years. That’s pretty much the longest relationship that I’ve ever had (yeah, my track record with romance isn’t exactly stellar…but that’s for another time!) When I look back, it’s been a pretty interesting 5 years. […]

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