Roasted pear, cinnamon and pecan praline ice cream

It appears that I’m not the only person out there who enjoys a bit of a sensory challenge. Talking to a colleague of mine at work (well, whining about the bitter bitter cold today in Melbourne is closer to the truth), she noted how one of her absolute favourite things to do in winter was […]

Unseasonably seasonal ice cream…and a competition!

So, it’s finally happened. Summer (or the pathetic excuse for a summer that we in Melbourne had over the past few months) has waved au revior and departed, leaving in it’s place blustering winds, ice-cold mornings and shorter days. Despite the lack of heat this summer, there was a part of me that was somewhat […]

Strawberry frozen yoghurt

    There’s something sublime about strawberries. Especially ones that you’re nurtured in your own garden – watching the flowers slowly unfurl , the bees as the hover about from one to the other, then the petals drop off and the large yellow centres become heavy and swollen – turning from yellow, to green, before […]

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