Boozy white nectarine & elderflower slushie

A few weeks ago, our stick blender finally gave up the ghost – making it the second stick blender and 5th blender to go belly-up in our household over the past few years. Yikes. Unlike those berks over at Blendtec who try and blend everything except blocks of concrete, the worst that we ever put […]

Tasty & Terrific – Kiwi and Strawberry Smoothie

I know, I know, I totally suck, right? I mean, it’s not *that* hard to put up a new blog post… it’s just…well, you know this whole ‘life’ thing that gets in the way? I promise I won’t leave you stranded for so long again, I *will* try and do better…and as a peace offering, […]

Don’t forget the love!

I think that most Melbournians will agree with me when I make the claim that Melbourne holds an amazing array of cafes and bars, quite often hidden by small entryways down dark alleys, the harder that a place is to find apparently making it that much trendier (e.g. “Go down this dark alley, then turn […]

Following the K-I-S-S principle

Sorry that I’ve been a bit absentee of late, but I’m trying to finish a list of tasks that I need to get done before I go back to uni for the final semester of my BA in a few weeks and one of them in particular is driving me absolutely batsh*t crazy! Argh! In […]

Shik Hae for the Soul

Let me state for the record that Korean cuisine is not easy. There are some that are less painful than others, but many dishes require lots of pre-preparation and hands-on work. Rather than letting this dissuade you, it’s more of a personal challenge for me, to see if I can recreate the flavours that I’ve […]

Watermelon juice

With the coming of Spring, the warmer season fruits have started appearing (yes, there was a cold snap in Australia which means that as well as bananas, peaches and apricots are now mind-bogglingly expensive at supermarkets, but still somewhat affordable at markets) and one of those fruits is the humble watermelon. There is a bit […]

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