Sharp and sweet – bite sized lemon cream tartelettes

I love my lemons. Think about it – they’re so incredibly versatile that it’s almost a little bit suspicious. Need to add a fresh ‘zing’ to your fish, potatoes or salad? Just squeeze over some fresh lemon juice. Wanna stop your cut apple from going icky and brown? Rub the surface with a little fresh […]

Guest Post: Lisa’s Penang Meat Balls

The winner of the Bessemer frying pan draw, Lisa, has kindly agreed to share one of her favourite recipes, and one that she christened her new frying pan with! Lisa with her brand new Bessemer frying pan! The recipe that Lisa has shared is for a dish called Penang Meatballs. Now, this is not a […]

Stupidly simple stir-fry

Let us consider the humble stir-fry. The concept is simple enough – you stir as you fry. Not quite brain surgery. However, during my 27 years on this planet, I’ve come across quite a few people who seem to find this equation a little perplexing… I’ve had more than a few friends partake in my […]

Stuff yer squid!

*Sigh* So, am I the most lax food blogger, or what? Happy belated new year, dear readers. I hope you’re all having a fabulous 2010 that has so far been full of delicious food and amusing escapades, whether they be in or out of the kitchen. Unfortunately, the reason for my rather extended hiatus from […]

Roasted sweet potato & tomato salad

I’m sorry for the long absence folks, but after feeling utterly burnt out for awhile with work and family stuff, I decided to take the weekend off and go to one of Victoria’s most beautiful destinations, a little coastal town called Apollo Bay However, even that didn’t seem like a total holiday as I was […]

Dreamily Creamy – coffee panna cotta with rasperry puree

Forgive me – I *know* I said that japchae would be my next post but I’ve got a backlog of about 6 recipes that I need to blog otherwise they are going to sit FOREVER in draft form, never being presented to the world! Which, quite frankly, would be a damn shame, especially since they […]

Butter me up! (Nectarine butter)

Well, not in the traditional sense anyway, no creamy churned cow-juice here folks – today’s entry is dairy free! The type of butter I am in fact referring to is peach butter, a jam-like preserve made from peaches is deliciously viscous, sweet and can be enjoyed in any number of ways! I’m not exactly an […]

Not quite a chipmunk, but can I still like acorns?

Any of you who have had direct contact with me may have wondered a bit about the email address. I know that when I have to give out out for various reasons, people seem to be unable to actually wrap their heads around it: “Chip…monk…what? Huh? Not a monk? OH! Chip-munk – chipmunk, like the […]

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