Sinfully simple and sweet blackberry mousse

I’m a bit of a hoarder. You see, I loathe throwing out anything, and it takes enormous strength to force myself to do a monthly purge of my possessions. Nothing major, but those little scribbled notes, receipts, blog post ideas, rants, thoughts, empty make up containers – you know what I mean. Unfortunately, I’m also […]

Hay hay – whoops, it’s almost Donna Day!

Bugger me, getting into my new hobby of crocheting means that blogging really has taken a back-foot! Not that I love it any less, mind you, just that for the first time in my life, I can churn out eensy weensy little stuffed crochet teddies, and crochet means I must physically sit still and relax, […]

Luscious Lemon Slices

Move over, Nigella, I’ve already declared my new baking goddess to be our own Aussie Belinda Jeffery, and in trying yet another recipe from this book, she hasn’t let me down! I’ve explained before that my sister is a lemon/citrus freak, and absolutely adores my lemon tart. While I enjoy making it for her, the […]

For the love of a fresh fruit flan!

I poked the remaining pastry and hummed to myself. I had half a batch of sweet shortcrust pastry left after making a lemon tart, and was wondering what on earth I’d use it for. I knew that at the very least I needed to bake it up so that I’d be forced to use it […]

Dreamily Creamy – coffee panna cotta with rasperry puree

Forgive me – I *know* I said that japchae would be my next post but I’ve got a backlog of about 6 recipes that I need to blog otherwise they are going to sit FOREVER in draft form, never being presented to the world! Which, quite frankly, would be a damn shame, especially since they […]

Berry berry marvellous

Those soft, delicate curves, the rich ruby skin paired with the vibrant green corsage, the seductive scent that smells like warmth and sunlight, the very first bite that results in the almost indecent explosion of sweet juice and tender flesh, filling every corner of your mouth with the taste of summer. Don’t worry, I’m not […]

A bounty of berries for a very special birthday

Yes, this is a strawberry mirror cake. No, I’m not a member of the Daring Bakers clique – but read on… Whilst I bake cakes fairly often (there is a new cake on the kitchen bench on average once a fortnight), I generally go for plain cakes that don’t require any fancing piping or icing […]

Simple elegance

Anyone who has read this blog for any number of time knows that I love spending hours in the kitchen. Baking, in particular – I love rolling up my sleeves and attacking an unfamiliar recipe with gusto, watching with nervous anticipation to see whether it turns out. Nearly all the time, I revel in the […]

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