Lemon cupcakes, version 2.0

So, like, WTF right? A month passes by after I was meant to draw the winner of the Bamix Deluxe Stick Blender. And I don’t announce a winner. What. The. Fruitcake. But better late than never, right?? So I rolled up my sleeves tonight, and after painstakingly pasting all entries (and twitter double-entries) into a […]

Perfect Peanut Butter Cupcakes w/ Dark Chocolate

First things first! Have you entered the competition to win your own Scanpan IQ 32cm frying pans yet? Scanpan 32cm IQ Frying Pan – RRP $310 With just a week to go till the competition closes, all you need to do is show me a picture of your battered frying pan that needs replacing! Visit […]

Devil’s Food Cupcakes

The current count is two. Two what, you ask? That would be two marriage proposals since I publicly debuted these utterly delightful devil’s food cupcakes this weekend. Two marriage proposals in two days from two separate individuals. That’s gotta be some sort of record, right? I mean, never mind the fact that the proposals came […]

M stands for Mocha…cupcakes!

Dear Reader, It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? In fact, I’ve neglected you for almost 2 months, and I’m hoping you’ll forgive me. I know that there is a gazillion interesting food blogs out there on the big ol’ internet, but I know that a lot of you have been thinking of me (some of you […]

Peanut Butter Cupcakes – two ways!

To see the new, improved version of this recipe, click this link! When I bake, I have to be on constant lookout and ever vigilant from roaming fingers. You see, my family suffer from Finger Dippyitis – otherwise known as the compulsion to stick their unwashed fingers into my cake and cupcake batters. This sometimes […]

Friendly Fondant Figures

Okay, so this guide is more than a few weeks late…and really isn’t the best I could’ve done considering that I put it together out of sheer boredom while in the throes of a head cold…but hopefully some of you out there will find it handy! When it comes to fondant, I’m hardly an expert. […]

Red velvet cupcakes

Sorry folks, haven’t had time to put together the bee tutorial yet – but here’s my adaptation of Magnolia Bakery’s red velvet cupcake recipe! It is very fiddly, as far as cupcake recipes go, but the end results give a cupcake that is unbelievably light, fluffy and moist – so it’s a winner for me! […]

Simply adorable lemon cupcakes

Cupcakes. They’re all the rage right now – and why not? Dainty little morsels of cake topped with icing, and decorated so adorably that they make even the grumpiest old man I know laugh and feel tempted to enjoy one! As for the women…well, watch the entire female population of a large office swoon over […]

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