Red velvet cupcakes

Sorry folks, haven’t had time to put together the bee tutorial yet – but here’s my adaptation of Magnolia Bakery’s red velvet cupcake recipe! It is very fiddly, as far as cupcake recipes go, but the end results give a cupcake that is unbelievably light, fluffy and moist – so it’s a winner for me! […]

Chocolate Confessions

For someone who proclaims that they aren’t a chocaholic, I sure seem to post a lot of chocolate recipes! Am I just in denial? Perhaps somewhere under this hardened exterior lies a sweet, gooey, intense rush of chocolate love? Maybe I should just take a deep breath, step forward and admit it – my name […]

Father’s Day indulgence

Whew – what a long day! To be honest…it does serve me right for leaving the baking of our father’s day cake to the very last minute… In Australia, we celebrate father’s day on the first Sunday in September every year, and though I always remember it, for some reason I always persist in leaving […]

Silky soft baked bittersweet mousse

There is something about the chocolate mousse that makes it irresistible. Rich, fluffy clouds of chocolate which melt away on your tongue – it truly is one of the sexier desserts. However, the cold that is required to set most chocolate mousses means you have a muted chocolate flavour, unfortunate as chocolate really does taste […]

Hay hay – whoops, it’s almost Donna Day!

Bugger me, getting into my new hobby of crocheting means that blogging really has taken a back-foot! Not that I love it any less, mind you, just that for the first time in my life, I can churn out eensy weensy little stuffed crochet teddies, and crochet means I must physically sit still and relax, […]

A little bit of naughty, a little bit of nice

There’s no hiding the fact that I love my muffins – little handheld delights that can hold together any marvellous collection of goodies from plump juicy berries to nuts, vegetables and sweets! Anything baked good that truly versatile gets two thumbs up from me – and I’ve been making them so long now that the […]

What’s a brownie between friends?

*Rude sound of a telephone ringing* “Gnnfraffrgh” “GOOD morning! How are we?” “Gnnergafffrgaghg…” “I didn’t wake you up now, did I?” I sighed. “No…it’s cool…I should get up anyway, the sun’s coming through my window. What time is it?” “Oh, about midday?” (o_O) <- surprised face The night before, I had gone to see American […]

That’s the way the cookie…yeah, you know the rest

Okay, so this is a way overdue post as I actually made these cookies as part of our Christmas cookie hampers, but that’s just one of the things that can happen when you’re baking almost every weekend and the glut of recipes and more exciting photos keep pushing old ones to the back of the […]

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