Strawberry zebra-striped cheesecake

Dear Boe, One of my clearest memories of you is from when we were both little. I was excited to be on my way to school while you were standing at the window, crying because you wanted to come with me. Just four years apart in age, we couldn’t be any more different if we […]

Unseasonably seasonal ice cream…and a competition!

So, it’s finally happened. Summer (or the pathetic excuse for a summer that we in Melbourne had over the past few months) has waved au revior and departed, leaving in it’s place blustering winds, ice-cold mornings and shorter days. Despite the lack of heat this summer, there was a part of me that was somewhat […]

Pining for the sun with Pineapple Jelly

Dear Spring, I get it. You have a sense of humour. You’re part of Mother Nature’s gang of bullies, and we mere mortals have no say in how you behave. The least you could do is not piss yourself laughing when I drag my sorry corpse into the car at 6:45am in the morning, wrapped […]

Lemon & Poppyseed Cake with a Yoghurt Glaze

There is something about lemon desserts that I find utterly irresistible. I know some people loathe sweet citrus combinations, but personally I find that the tart acidity of lemon in a cake or a tart helps to balance the tooth-aching sweetness of the dish. And don’t get me started on lemon zest. If I had my […]

Mini pavlovas – a love letter

Oh, dearest pavlova. You sit on a throne, looking down your nose at your kin, the meringue, while wearing your crown of cream and luscious fresh fruit. Is it any wonder that you reign supreme over my heart and tastebuds when summer’s sweet abundance fills my bosom with joy. The crisp crackle of your crust […]

Humble gifts of milk & honey (milk & honey jelly)

“So, there’s meant to be this really fun market nearby, my friends have been and they said it’s lots of fun…do you want to go with me tomorrow?” I arched my eyebrow and looked at my mother rather suspiciously. “You do realize that tomorrow is Sunday, right? My cleaning & resting day?” My mother flapped […]

Roasted sweet potato & tomato salad

I’m sorry for the long absence folks, but after feeling utterly burnt out for awhile with work and family stuff, I decided to take the weekend off and go to one of Victoria’s most beautiful destinations, a little coastal town called Apollo Bay However, even that didn’t seem like a total holiday as I was […]

Tasty & Terrific – Kiwi and Strawberry Smoothie

I know, I know, I totally suck, right? I mean, it’s not *that* hard to put up a new blog post… it’s just…well, you know this whole ‘life’ thing that gets in the way? I promise I won’t leave you stranded for so long again, I *will* try and do better…and as a peace offering, […]

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