Sweet as candy – Chocolate Crack(le) Pops

I think that one of the reasons I like to work with sweets and desserts is that there seems to be almost an infinite amount of room for ‘cuteness’. Kind of how it’s a little difficult for me to make a pork roast with sweet potato mash look adorable, but making cupcakes that result in […]

Heavenly Beauty – Poached Pear Halo Cake

Over the years, I’ve made many many cakes that the family and I have greatly enjoyed (though some have been better successes than others), but the problem is that the times that I repeat those recipes tend to be few and far between. Why? Well, simply put, my penchant for buying new cookbooks means that […]

Mochi mochi mochi, must be funny, in a rice grain’s world

HAH! I am the funniest ever. *hears the bells of corny-ness pealing in the distance* Okay, I’ll shaddup now. Well, with the bad lyrics anyway. The blood orange curd is still sitting in my fridge, and the butter has been put back in the fridge. I’ll do it tomorrow, I promise. And whilst you ‘tsk […]

Sinfully simple and sweet blackberry mousse

I’m a bit of a hoarder. You see, I loathe throwing out anything, and it takes enormous strength to force myself to do a monthly purge of my possessions. Nothing major, but those little scribbled notes, receipts, blog post ideas, rants, thoughts, empty make up containers – you know what I mean. Unfortunately, I’m also […]

I’m totally nuts for nuts

Now, I have professed my love of the mightly nut on this blog before, and anyone who is a long-time reader may have picked up on my sheer adoration of the walnut. It is, in my opinion, one of the most marvellous nuts out there – with its soft, meaty flesh, fragrant oil and mild […]

Attack of the sweet tooth

What on earth are these gooey, sticky little morsels? Read on to find out What a thing to have a sweet tooth. Anyone who has a sweet tooth knows what it’s like to have a craving for the sweet and sugary, to bite into something that clouds the senses in tooth-achingly luscious decadence. Unfortunately, sweets […]

Bittersweet beauty

Dark, dusty, misshapen lumps – what secrets do these homely brown nuggets hide? Sometimes, you find that you come across something and you seriously understimate it. Like that Jamie Oliver recipe that you came across that seemed simple enough, but left you standing in the middle of an exploded kitchen asking “what went wrong?”. Or […]

Leaning Tower of Marshmallows

After seeing this post on Helen’s blog, I was absolutely enamoured with the idea of making actual sweets at home – not the baked kind. However, the recipe required the use of a sugar thermometer, and alas I had none… till now. My new favourite kitchen toy $20 later, I left the CakeDeco store in […]

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