Decadent Delights – Dark Choc & Roasted Macadamia Brownies

“I smell….chocolate!” My mother drifted into the kitchen, following the scent of the brownies I had just baked. I had just set the steaming tray onto the bench to cool, when I saw her nimble little fingers reaching for the pan. Quick as a flash, I grabbed a spatula from the drying rack and gave […]

Moreish morsels – banana & date loaf

To all you readers on Facebook – Did you know that the Kitchen Wench blog now has a Facebook group? I tend to be much more active on Facebook than on the blog itself, so please join me as well as other readers to mingle and talk food You can also declare yourself a Kitchen […]

Heavenly Beauty – Poached Pear Halo Cake

Over the years, I’ve made many many cakes that the family and I have greatly enjoyed (though some have been better successes than others), but the problem is that the times that I repeat those recipes tend to be few and far between. Why? Well, simply put, my penchant for buying new cookbooks means that […]

Chocolate Confessions

For someone who proclaims that they aren’t a chocaholic, I sure seem to post a lot of chocolate recipes! Am I just in denial? Perhaps somewhere under this hardened exterior lies a sweet, gooey, intense rush of chocolate love? Maybe I should just take a deep breath, step forward and admit it – my name […]

Father’s Day indulgence

Whew – what a long day! To be honest…it does serve me right for leaving the baking of our father’s day cake to the very last minute… In Australia, we celebrate father’s day on the first Sunday in September every year, and though I always remember it, for some reason I always persist in leaving […]

Sweet Strawberry Shortcakes

Sorry I’ve been so absent folks – between work and taking care of my family, I’m so exhausted that I feel pretty drained of the will to live…UGH! Okay, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but the honest truth is that spare time to blog is a bit of a rare commodity at the […]

Retro-cool and a touch of nostalgia

There’s something about seed cakes that seem infinitely old-fashioned and comforting to me, especially one cake combination that has stood the test of time and continues to appear in it’s cool kitschy cute way in many a cookbook – that being the orange and poppy seed cake. This recipe comes from a tiny little recipe […]

The most moreish cake you’ll ever try!

Apparently, it’s called writer’s block. And I appear to be suffering it. I’m still cooking…I just seem to have lost the power to compose semi-eloquent sentences that will entice you readers to become excited about what I’ve been baking – but I guess that’s what the pictures are for, right? This is another recipe from […]

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