Honey White Bread

There’s something about a home-made loaf which is endlessly comforting. The baking, the smell, and the flavour – no store bought bread can compare with the satisfaction of making one yourself! This recipe creates an incredibly rich loaf which makes wonderful toast and french toast, and for those two reasons alone are absolutely worth making […]

Berry berry marvellous

Those soft, delicate curves, the rich ruby skin paired with the vibrant green corsage, the seductive scent that smells like warmth and sunlight, the very first bite that results in the almost indecent explosion of sweet juice and tender flesh, filling every corner of your mouth with the taste of summer. Don’t worry, I’m not […]

A frozen nose, a burnt tongue and a sweet, sugary memory

“You know,” my mother mused aloud as she watched me frowning over a big metal bowl of dough, “most ‘ahjumas‘1 don’t even bother making this from scratch because the packet mix is so good…” I grit my teeth. “Shut up, mom!” Seemingly oblivious to my pained request that she stop rubbing it in, she continued […]

Lovin’ my inner nut

Being a nut myself, I’ve always had a fondness for nuts – of the edible and non-edible (i.e. human) variety, so whenever I see a recipe that celebrates the rich, meaty goodness that nuts are all about, I have a tendency to go weak at the knees. When I saw these on Helen’s blog, that […]

I don’t need no stinkin’ Kitchen Aid

It seems that everyone and their momma has a Kitchen Aid mixer these days. That is, everyone except me. A particularly frustrating predicament to be in, particularly when there are are so many recipes for things such as delicious, butter brioches out there. They mean that a person like me can do nothing but sit […]

Pains aux raisins

If you’ve managed to make the Pâte à Brioche Feuilletée and survive, well done! Now, as the best application for this beautiful dough, here’s the recipe for these gorgeous Pains aux raisins – a truly delightful and calorific treat! Pains Aux Raisins (from The Cook’s Book) Ingredients 1x Pâte à Brioche Feuilletée dough 200g almond […]

Fairly flaky & surely sweet, these treats are good to eat

I’m not a food snob, really. I occasionally enjoy toasties with plastic cheese and white supermarket bread and I’ve been known to enjoy a mug of instant soup just as much as home-made (Cup-a-soup creamy chicken and corn, nyum nyum!). However, when it comes to things baked or sweet, for some reason I find myself […]

The sweetest puff of all

Cream puffs are one of those desserts that can appear either super posh or as everyman’s fare, depending on how you dress them. Filled with a simple vanilla pastry cream and dusted with a little icing sugar, they are delightful sweets that are easily held in the hand and devoured in a few quick bites. […]

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