Laduree Vanilla Eclairs

Now first things first! Congratulations to Danielle and Steve for winning last month’s competitions! Danielle has won the 1 year subscription to new food mag The Gourmet Kitchen, and Steve has beat out over 100+ entries to win himself a beautiful little Le Chasseur French Oven! For those who missed out, stay tuned as I’ll […]

Sharp and sweet – bite sized lemon cream tartelettes

I love my lemons. Think about it – they’re so incredibly versatile that it’s almost a little bit suspicious. Need to add a fresh ‘zing’ to your fish, potatoes or salad? Just squeeze over some fresh lemon juice. Wanna stop your cut apple from going icky and brown? Rub the surface with a little fresh […]

Tarte Tatin w/ sour cream shortcrust pastry

People often avoid various foods for any number of reasons. For example, my kid sister sat at the dinner table tonight, very carefully corralling the rather chunkily cut mushrooms to the side of her dish in anticipation of relocating them to another dish where they might be more happily welcomed. Personally, I used to loathe […]

Born-again hot cross buns (aka using stale easter buns)

It’s only been a few months since Christmas, with its roasts and turkeys (did you know you could get them deep-fried? SHUDDER!), eggnog, cookies and cakes and a hundred other things which make the tastebuds orgasm and the thighs quietly weep. So, did you make a new year’s resolution to be healthier? To eat more […]

English Muffin Magic

Finally. It’s here. My post on english muffins. You see, I stumbled upon this recipe from Barbara’s Winos&Foodies blog a few years back but never got around to trying it till a few months ago, and which point I became highly impressed with the fact that yes, it is entirely possible to make your own […]

Hay hay – whoops, it’s almost Donna Day!

Bugger me, getting into my new hobby of crocheting means that blogging really has taken a back-foot! Not that I love it any less, mind you, just that for the first time in my life, I can churn out eensy weensy little stuffed crochet teddies, and crochet means I must physically sit still and relax, […]

Learning to love cornbread…

As most of you readers are well, my ethnic background is South Korean, and I’ve spent most of my life growing up here in Australia. What that means is that my cooking and eating habits are a strange mish-mash of cultures – for example, I eat kimchi with almost anything, and I find it difficult […]

Is there such a thing as too much pizza?

Cooking, like anything else, requires a number of things. The ability to plan ahead, patience in order to take things slowly, a careful and considered approach, and not least, an ability to focus and keep ones mind on the job. All things considered, its a wonder that I’ve actually managed to survive and not electrocute/burn/maim […]

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