300 posts and not enough kimchi

Not only did I pass my 2 year milestone last month, but was stunned to discover when I made my last post that my next would be my 300th! Yeouch! That is a LOT of writing, photos and recipes – who would’ve thunk that a website that essentially started out as a project for a […]

The most magnificent noodle salad of all

A long time promised – and finally here it is! Our recipe for japchae, a magnificently multi-coloured noodle salad dish that is a must-have on any celebratory table. Though, like many Korean recipes, it is quite time-consuming, this extremely fragrant and flavoursome dish is well worth the time and effort it requires, and is guaranteed […]

Happy Lunar New Year! (Korean dumpling soup)

Happy new year, everybody! You may think that my greetings are either too late or too early, but you’re only correct if you guessed the latter! For those who aren’t aware, it is the first day of the new Lunar year on this coming Thursday, so at this stage, Korean families all over the world […]

Bulgogi – traditional Korean bbq beef, our authentic home recipe!

Finally. Here it is. What so many of you have requested and been waiting for. Mother’s bulgogi (Korean bbq beef) recipe. Let me tell you something about my mother’s cooking. There is no binder of recipes, no handwritten notations, no secret stash of recipe cards like some of your mothers have so thoughtfully kept and […]

Rolling in from the Land of the Morning Calm

This may look like sushi, but let me tell you that that’s about as far as the resemblence to Japanese maki sushi goes. The flavours and aromas that are a part of kimbap (a literal translation of the word – ‘kim’ = nori sheets, ‘bap’ = rice) are very very different, making this version from […]

I’ll be back soon, my darlings, soon

Yeesh, talk about an overdue post – this one is a few weeks in the making! About a week and a half ago I received an email from a reader asking if I had a recipe for a particular Korean dish called ‘soon doo boo jji gae‘ – a spicy stew that is made with […]

Best ever meal-in-a-bowl!

When you talk to people about Korean food, there are some dishes that you would expect them to know about, such as kimchi, bulgogi and galbi. However, with the increasing interest in Korean cuisine and number of Korean eateries and grocery stores popping up all over the place, other dishes are beginning to increase in […]

Dreams of Coney Island

My brother is a health nut. Almost every day for lunch he has a tuna salad (tuna in springwater, chopped vegetables with no dressing!) and he rarely if ever indulges in naughty things such as sweets, cookies, cakes or chocolate. In fact, I often have to cajole him to give any of my baking a […]

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