Korean marinated bbq beef short ribs

Dear vegetarian readers who are squeamish about meat, This post is not for you. Contained below is a LOT of squealing about meat. And photos of slabs of cow. With loving regards, Ellie xoxo It’s been a fair while since I posted a Korean recipe up here, but here’s one that I’ve been wanting to […]

Bibimbap – a Korean favourite

Before we get into today’s post, my recipe for chicken, tofu & mushroom dumplings is up in an international recipe battle for Mushroom Masters on the Tastespotting blog! Please take the time to click this link and vote for me! Please? Pretty please? With a cherry on top? WARNING: The letter directly underneath this image […]

Fast Food At Home – Homemade burgers in a flash

Guess what, guys! I’ve been nominated as a semi-finalist in this year’s 2011 Blogster Awards – if you’ve been enjoying reading this blog then please consider taking the time to click this link and vote for Kitchen Wench Just two clicks of the mouse is all it takes! I have to admit that I’m somewhat […]

Korean sweet soy-braised oxtail

Every now and then, my mother breaks into a little random reminiscing about “the good old days” You know, saying things like “In the old days, young people used to be much more respectful of their elders!” Or, “the air used to be cleaner!” Or, as the case may be, “I used to get ox […]

Beef & mushroom ragu pasta bake

It looks quite a treat, doesn’t it? A rich, unctuous pasta bake plated next to a side of blanched & seasoned spinach. However, if there’s one rule in life which is generally a good one to bear in mind, it’s that looks can be very, very deceiving. There is nothing extravagant or unique about this […]

Guest Post: Lisa’s Penang Meat Balls

The winner of the Bessemer frying pan draw, Lisa, has kindly agreed to share one of her favourite recipes, and one that she christened her new frying pan with! Lisa with her brand new Bessemer frying pan! The recipe that Lisa has shared is for a dish called Penang Meatballs. Now, this is not a […]

Rockin’ out with my wok out!

I have a confession to make. I’m a gadget junkie. I love pretty shiny new things, especially when I think they’re a worthwhile purchase (and even when they’re not…I’m STILL regretting the purchase of my blue suede stiletto boots). However, buying anything new for our kitchen these days usually descends into a battle of epic […]

Stupidly simple stir-fry

Let us consider the humble stir-fry. The concept is simple enough – you stir as you fry. Not quite brain surgery. However, during my 27 years on this planet, I’ve come across quite a few people who seem to find this equation a little perplexing… I’ve had more than a few friends partake in my […]

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