Around the World in 80 Dishes


The book for this review was provided with compliments of, however all images and opinions are my own. Debbie Loftus’ Date and Coffee Loaf HELP. There’s no more room on my bookshelf. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve now starting stacking books on top of each other and cramming them into the tightest […]

My guide to perfect Korean dumplings – aka mandu


Just 6 hours left till the draw closes to win the Le Chasseur Cast Iron Grill! There’s three ways to enter, and you can give yourself up to three entries in the draw! Check this post for more details Dumplings are awesome. Why? Because inside a thin pastry wrapper, you can hide almost ANY ingredient, […]

Garlic & Ginger Grilled Prawns – and a giveaway!


This grill pan was provided free of charge by Kitchenware Direct for the purposes of this review, however all images, text and opinions are my own. Apologies for the absence, folks! There’s been a lot of happenings here in the world of your Kitchen Wench. Lots of ups. Lots of downs. And lots of in-between! Part of […]

Lemon cupcakes, version 2.0


So, like, WTF right? A month passes by after I was meant to draw the winner of the Bamix Deluxe Stick Blender. And I don’t announce a winner. What. The. Fruitcake. But better late than never, right?? So I rolled up my sleeves tonight, and after painstakingly pasting all entries (and twitter double-entries) into a […]

Boozy white nectarine & elderflower slushie


A few weeks ago, our stick blender finally gave up the ghost – making it the second stick blender and 5th blender to go belly-up in our household over the past few years. Yikes. Unlike those berks over at Blendtec who try and blend everything except blocks of concrete, the worst that we ever put […]

Japanese-style fruit & cream sponge cake


Lack of sleep, lack of time, lack of company with other human adults. My life has been rather lacking in a number of ways over the past few months. Mind, this is completely self-inflicted – I knew that getting a puppy would be tough and time-consuming work. I just wish I remembered how *much* hard […]

Korean marinated bbq beef short ribs


Dear vegetarian readers who are squeamish about meat, This post is not for you. Contained below is a LOT of squealing about meat. And photos of slabs of cow. With loving regards, Ellie xoxo It’s been a fair while since I posted a Korean recipe up here, but here’s one that I’ve been wanting to […]

Barbequed Chilli & Garlic Prawns with Couscous Salad


Before I get started, I just have to say thank you to everyone. It has been a tough few weeks since the loss of my darling Mr Woofy and I must admit that there are times that the grief became almost too much for me to bear. But so many of you have reached out […]

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