Photography 101 – A flash for success!

Welcome to the third post in the ‘Basic Tips for P&S users’ guide. This week, we cover the ominous topic of…flash photography. Using on-camera flash is something that appears to have just as many supporters as those who frown upon it, and its easy to see why. It is super-bright (or not bright enough, depending […]

Photography 101 – Exposure (working with light)

Whoops! This should really have gone up on Sunday…but better late than never, right? 😀 This second lesson of basic photography tips will be covering two elements of light exposure for digital cameras – ISO and exposure compensation. Okay, lets start with the easier one first. To understand what ISO is and how it works, […]

Photography 101 – White, white, baby…

No, that’s not a reference to Jim Carrey’s Saturday Night Live performance of Vanilla Ice’s timeless classic… I’m talking about White Balance. Now, to those of you who know little or nothing about filming or photography (don’t worry, that’s nothing to be ashamed about – I was once there too!), this means absolutely nothing. So […]

The wonderful world of Point-and-Shoot Cameras

Which should otherwise be titled “No, it’s okay, don’t cry…”. Many of you probably feel my pain – the number of food bloggers is increasing exponentially, and so are the number of mouth-watering pictures. However, other than country, skill, cuisine and writing talent, there is another line which, if you are a food blogger who […]

Photography 101 – An introduction

Now, we’re all aware of the beautiful images that dSLR cameras can produce. Smooth images with razor sharp clarity and beautiful depths of field that make the subject matter really stand out. While we all pine to be able to afford the few thousand dollars for the SLR setups that would allow us to take […]

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