Melbourne Good Food & Wine Show 2009

The Good Food & Wine Show is one of those events which, when it rolled around, perked my interest a little but had never quite inspired me to get off my arse and attend. It wasn’t that it sounded boring, but to me it was the sort of event where you should really go with […]

Bodega Tapas Bar, and Sydney Foodbloggers

So about a month ago, I got sent to Sydney on a 2 day work jaunt, and decided to take the opportunity to put the call out to any Sydney foodbloggers who wouldn’t mind catching up for dinner while I was in town. Luckily for me, Helen (Grab Your Fork), Suze (Chocolate Suze) and Reem […]

Korean spicy deep-fried chicken

Move over, Colonel and KFC. Your days are through. Why? Because Korean deep-fried chicken is taking your place! Whilst not a ‘traditional’ dish (in that the history of the dish comes from the influence of the US in Sth Korea rather than from hundreds of years and generations of perfection), this is still a food […]

Digital Editing 101 – Managing Light Temperature

Those of you who’ve been following my beginner’s photography posts from the start will remember that this was actually the first post of the point-and-shoot series many many months ago. In that post, I explained that all light has a colour tint (referred to as ‘temperature) and I also covered the basics of how to […]

Digital editing 101 – Working out the basics

So, welcome to the LONG overdue post of photo editing basics. If you’re a competent image editor and know your way around Photoshop, then this series will be of no use to you, but to those who are new to or unfamiliar with photo editing, hopefully this series will help you learn a little more […]

Digital editing 101 – Keeping things light and bright

Now, despite our best efforts, us home/hobby photographers working with just the camera in our hands and no other equipment often have to struggle with less than ideal lighting situations – it might be too bright and sunny, or alternatively, it might be too dark. Both situations give rather unsatisfactory results and can wash out […]

Set-ups, shopping and makin’ it pretty

Now, I wasn’t planning on adding any more to the point-and-shoot photography series, but after a few enquiries from readers, I’ve decided to do a summary post covering a number of things What’s your gear? I’ve had a few questions regarding the equipment that I use, even one email accusing me of shooting with an […]

Photography 101 – Sharpshooter

Okay, this week’s installment for the p&s photography series is on how to focus. Now, I’m the first to admit that I am a pure amateur photographer. While using my old Olympus p&s, I’d never thought about trying anything other than the auto functions, and it was only after I replaced it in March 07 […]

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