Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone! I know that sometimes Easter means putting up with family driving you a bit crazy… And occasionally doing things that you don’t want to… But I hope that in the end you had an Easter surrounded by people that you love (even if they drive you a bit crazy on the holidays), […]

Woofy Wednesday, ice cream & cupcakes

That’s right, folks. This is the second edition of Woofy Wednesday, where I assault you with the most ridiculously adorable pictures of my fur-baby and share some oddities about him. For example, did you know that golden retrievers are bred to be swimmers, and even have the webbed feet for it? It’s true! The problem […]

Woofy Wednesday

I’m sorry that I haven’t updated in awhile. It’s been crazy busy at the moment. The sort of week where you simultaneously want to live in a cave removed from the rest of the world just so you can get some peace and quiet, while running on pure adrenaline to get yourself to the finish […]

Mr Woofy says hello!

This is a post from all you dog-lovers. Mr Woofy has been quite absent from the blog for awhile, though he is ALWAYS by my side when I’m cooking…so I thought I’d treat you to a few photos of him being his adorable, manic self This is Mr Woofy’s trademark lunatic grin. A look that […]


That’s right. I’ve finally got this site back into (almost) perfect working order – after manually reposting some 200+ recipes, reorganizing them and putting the recipe index back together post by post. Not only are all the old favourites back, I’ve got some brand NEW content scheduled to go up today So, welcome back, readers […]

What’s mine is not yours

I apologize for this non-food related post but there’s something that I need to air. The internet is a big, broad expanse and it is impossible to keep track of it all as there is simply no way of doing so. Therefore, when putting my words and images online, I realize that there is a […]

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