A year on

My darling Mr Woofy, It’s been a year since you left my side. And it hurts as much as it did that day. Mr Tuna (who you never got to meet) has been taking good care of me and I love him very much. But he is not you. You were my baby, my friend, […]

The winner of the $300 Redballoon.com gift voucher is…

So it’s taken me MUCH longer to decide the winner of the $300 gift voucher, generously offered by eHarmony, who sponsored this competition. The reason for this is that there were so many entries, which varied along the entire scale from sweet, to sensible, to downright hilarious – and I just couldn’t pick who the […]

An experience in online dating in Australia & a give-away, Kitchenwench-style!

DISCLAIMER – this post has been sponsored by eHarmony, but all words/thoughts are my own. I’ve received some rather chastising emails and comments from you about my complete and utter lack of posts over the past few months, so it’s probably time that I came clean. You see, the reason that I’ve been M.I.A…is because […]

This is a Public Service Announcement…

Look, I had every intention of starting to compile my blog post for Korean beef rib & Chinese radish soup this afternoon… But then something happened on my way home that just could not be ignored. So I created this instead. We will return to your regular scheduled content later this week.

Where the hell is Kitchen Wench?!

Good question. Those following the blog would have been aware that I’m still in mourning for the passing of Mr Woofy a few months ago and have been rather insular since then…but that’s not why I’ve been M.I.A. In fact, it’s because I’ve fallen in love. I’d like to introduce you to my new fur-kid, […]

Saying goodbye…

11 years ago, a golden puff ball was born. He watched his sisters and brothers taken away by strange people, and sat all alone, lonely and unloved because he had (what the breeders called) a “wonky eye”. Meanwhile, a girl who had been struggling with severe depression for the better part of her life was […]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope that you all have a fabulous festive season (regardless of belief or religion)… I hope your day may be full of joy… With lots of delicious treats to nom… Some quality time relaxing with family and loved ones…   And even a little silliness added in to bring you extra […]

Frightful Frying Pans

With the competition finally over for the Scanpan 32cm IQ Frying pan, I’m proud to announce the winner who will now get to replace their over-loved frying pan with this fantastic new one, courtesy of Kitchenware Direct! And the winner is…. Yuliana Lays from Melbourne, who submitted this incredible photo of her rather sad-looking frying […]

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