Boozy white nectarine & elderflower slushie

A few weeks ago, our stick blender finally gave up the ghost – making it the second stick blender and 5th blender to go belly-up in our household over the past few years. Yikes.

Unlike those berks over at Blendtec who try and blend everything except blocks of concrete, the worst that we ever put our blenders through was ice for smoothies, but it appears that in the battle of blender vs. frozen water, the ice would inevitably win.

While I thought that this condemned me to smoothie-less summer, the folks over at Kitchenware Direct reached out and offered to replace our broken gizmo with a glorious Bamix Deluxe Blender in return for a review of the product – something that was incredibly easy to do considering the quality of this sexy machine. Not only that, but they gave me another one to give away – which you can try and win at the bottom of this post!

Head over to the Kitchenware Direct blog to read my review of the Bamix Deluxe Blender!

Once the gorgeous thing arrived, the question was how would I break the beast in? A regular fruit smoothie seemed to…well, unworthy of such power, so I thought that I’d go the summer slushie route and make it work up a bit of a sweat. So having a look at what I had in the fridge and on the liquor shelf, I thought that my yummy Tanqueray 10 could be delightfully paired with some elderflower cordial and in-season white nectarines.

White nectarines are (in my opinion) one of the best things about summer. Their delicate flavour and fresh sweetness are delightful to partake in, and you always provide amusement for others when trying to consume one without ending up with juice dribbling down your chin. They are also the basis for the mighty Bellini – a cocktail made famous by Harry’s Bar in Venice and which is on my bucket list of things to try before I shuffle off this mortal coil.

I’ve also been falling in love with elderflower concentrate as a flavour-add for my cocktails as it’s fragrance is both unique and tantilising, and unlike rose or lavender, doesn’t give me the feeling of having chewed on a mouthful of potpourri. It was these qualities which made me think that it would be delightful if paired with the nectarines for this glass of summer lovin’.

Did it work?

In the words of my sister, it is “differently awesome!”

It’s definitely a summer drink with these flavours, and the botanicals of the gin played together with them ever so nicely in the glass. While on the sweet side, the blended ice mutes the sugar while increasing the refreshment factor. And the slight hint of mint from the garnish brings this baby in for a home run!

I do feel like I should issue a warning with this drink. While it’s not an incredibly alcoholic drink (equating to about 40mL of gin in 3 serves), the drinkability of this concoction means that before you know it, you may be too inebriated to operate the blender any further.

Which is why it’s always a good idea to have a designated driver – since they’re sober anyway, you can get them to play bartender for everyone else 😉

Poolside Slushie
(aka Boozy White Nectarine & Elderflower slushie)
Makes 3-4 glasses

1/2 cup gin (I used Tanqueray 10)
1/3 cup Elderflower concentrate
1/4-1/3 cup simple syrup * (depending on how ripe your nectarines are)
6 small white nectarines (or 3 large ones)
2-3 cups ice cubes
Mint, to garnish

* A simple syrup used for cocktails is a 1:1 mix of sugar and water (though I also add 1 tbsp glucose syrup to prevent crystallization). Bring to a boil and remove from heat as soon as the sugar has dissolved. It’s pretty stable and can be stored in the fridge for all your cocktail-making needs!

** You can absolutely leave the gin out of this for a virgin cocktail, though I’d replace it by adding 1/2 cup of apple juice.

1. Cut a cross into your nectarines, then plunge into boiling water for about 30 seconds before removing and cooling in an ice bath. This will help you remove the skins cleanly to ensure the end result keeps it’s pale peach colour.

2. While the nectarines are cooling in the ice bath, pour the gin, elderflower cordial and simple syrup into a large jug. Peel the nectarines, then cut off the flesh and add to the jug.

3. Blend the mixture together till the nectarine flesh is smooth and there are no lumps to be found, then add your ice and again blend – ideally, you want the ice blended so smooth that there are no pieces to “crunch” on.

4. Pour into some chilled glasses, garnish with a small sprig of mint et voila! A gorgeous summery cocktail which is light, refreshing and just dangerously drinkable!

Now, if you’re an Australian reader you’d like a chance to win your very own Bamix Deluxe Blender (RRP $299.00), all you need to do is leave a comment telling me of one of your kitchen heartbreaks! Maybe it’s the story of how you dropped that gorgeous chocolate mud cake just as you finished icing it? Or your food processor breaking down mid-blitz?  Just leave your tale in the comments below for a chance to win this prize!

And as always, you can earn another entry in the draw by also tweeting the following:

Hey @KitchenWench! Please pick me to win the Bamix Deluxe Blender! #KWBamix

Entries close on Sunday 16th September 2012, with the winner to be published and notified the following day so make sure to get your entries in here!


  1. It was a night that started with so much hope and ended up with me in the fetal position. I wanted to bake a chocolate came for my friends 21st. Everything had went well in the baking process but when I had tired to make the cake in layers I screed up majorly. The layers just fell apart. So in my frustration I didn’t wait for it to cool enough onanistic I put the chocolate mousse on. That created a gooey mess of chocolate. I had thought, this can still e saved!! So I put on the chocolate genache. Not a good idea, the cake had cracked and there was a flood of chocolate oozing out of the cake. My housemate came home finding me in an emotional mess, he sent me to bed got the ingredients again from the shop and I made a perfect cake the next day.

  2. Debra Jones says:

    Just finished filling my batch of cream lillies with Jelly tongues and sprinkled icing sugar over . Picked up the beautiful heavy glass plate they were presented on and it slipped from my hands and smashed all over the Kitchen floor. Hence no dessert for our Fathers Day lunch. After tears and a few brandies later we were laughing about it …

  3. My most recent kitchen heartbreak was dropping my food processor off the top of the fridge which is where I store it. I use it heaps so to see it broken was quite heartbreaking! It fell to pieces and a few big chunks of plastic broke out of the processor bowl. Surprisingly enough the motor still works, so I’ve done some Macgyver-ing and patched the holes in the bowl with gaffa tape! I can’t do anything too liquid in it, but it works ok for shredding vegetables or processing chickpeas for hummus. I’ll cope with using it this way for a little while, but I sure know what I am going to be asking for as a Christmas present, hehe.

  4. Tess Thomson says:

    My latest kitchen heartbreak happened just this weekend. After working my butt off in the gym I wanted to treat myself to a yummy smoothie. Milk, natural yogurt, banana, frozen mixed berries and some chia seeds were hauled into my blender and I excited put the lid on. To my extreme disappointment, when I went to try the “on” switch, nothing happened, nada! I then had to transfer the whole lot to my food processor – not exactly the ideal appliance to make a smoothie with!

  5. Hey @KitchenWench! Please pick me to win the Bamix Deluxe Blender!

  6. Last week I made a 3D Hoot Cake for a 1st birthday. It took me 3 days to make and weighed 5kg but it looked fabulous! Unfortunately the cake met its match around a corner on the way to the party. Poor Hoot got a massive dent in his head and broke in two. One frantic phone call and a bit of emergency fondant later, Hoot was good to go – sporting a funky new hat! 😉

  7. I have had many kitchen heartbreaks! My most notable heartbreaks relate to lemon tart, which is my boyfriend’s favourite dessert and one I have tried (and failed) to create for him several times. I have scrambled the filling, burnt the pastry, had filling that just didn’t set and on the one occasion where everything was going right and it looked just perfect, I dropped it as i was taking it out of the oven. It smashed all over the oven door, totally destroyed much to my despair and my family’s mirth. It will be a LONG time before i attempt lemon tart again…
    BakingMyselfHappy recently posted..Roasted Tomato & Capsicum Soup and Spring Flowers

  8. As I am Celiac I am always trying to adapt recipes that use normal ingredients with gluten free items. I was desperate to make scones (and have NEVER made them before). The first batch were flat and like rocks, the second batch ended up on the floor as I yanked the tray out of the oven, the third batch were taller…..but still like rocks.
    Usually my adaptations work but scones, and 3 tries at cinnamon rolls, have beaten me and I need to recover :) The new Bamix would certainly help me get my mixer mojo back to attempt round 4 of the scone/cinnamon roll challenge!

  9. So it was Christmas day, my sister and I decided that because the weather was lovely, sun shinning, birds tweeting and all the jazz. That we would have a frozen margarita breakfast. Sounds classy I know, but its a way to survive the holidays. Anyway mid blending on our very first batch the magic bullet, that was the only blending appliance in the house, decided the ice was too much for it and died right then and there. We were very upset I can tell you that much, but fortunately we realized we could just have regular margaritas instead of frozen ones and it was a merry Christmas once more!

  10. Hey @KitchenWench! Please pick me to win the Bamix Deluxe Blender! Yep, over here!

  11. Discovering my fully stacked pantry being devastated by meal moths after coming home from a month-long holiday. Little bastards did not even spare my air tight containers. Goodbye to the kilos of rice, flour, cereal, nuts and spices. I guess they had fun partying in there.

    Throwing out nearly a whole pantry of food was certainly heartbreaking especially when you have been brought up with the concept of never wasting food. What a mental scar!

  12. Kylie Kaya says:

    I found a lovely recipe for chocolate mousse cake but after eating it I found using dark chocolate it was too rich for me so I decided to try it with white chocolate. the first attempt at making this with white chocolate my white chocolate just kept splitting so I eventually gave up. Another day I tried to make it The chocolate was fine and the cake looked lovely so poured it into my cake pan and as I was just about to put it in the oven BAM the bottom of my cake pan fell out and the cake went everywhere. I have now given up on making this cake as it is known as my bad luck cake!

  13. My kitchen heartbreak happened recently. While I was making healthy chocolate fruit balls for my daughter’s party, my food processor stopped working. No fruit balls for the kids. Very disappointing!

  14. Adam Fletcher says:

    ‘Twas a stormy afternoon in November. Rick Stein inspired Sri Lankan seafood curry, with freshly caught rockling, commences its magical alchemy over the cooktop. Culinary nirvana is in sight; gas fails. Heartbreak! Thunder and lightning of biblical proportion rains down outside. Greet the storm head on and complete the magic over the BBQ drenched head to toe, shouting wildly at the heavens. Carthartic! Salvation!

  15. Tracey Kruger says:

    A triple choc cheesecake, was looking really good, until the blender went bang, and all we had was the base,and nothing to blend the filling in, disapointed kids and friends,would love a new one, just to prove that I can actually make it.

  16. Amanda Hardy says:

    I was trying to cook lamingtons. I cheated, starting with a store bought sponge cake. Could I cut it in half evenly? No. But that’s a minor detail. Could I spread on jam without mauling chunks out of the sponge? No. Could I mix cocoa with icing sugar? Oh yes. I mixed it good. My 2 year old helped. We had icing powder all over the whole kitchen. I started sneezing hysterically, it was up my nose, in my boy’s ears and hair. It was the most magnificent mess. We dipped the sponge in the icing, and it started to dissolve. I tried picking the “lamington” up to roll it in coconut and my fingers sank through it, creating an oozy clumpy mass of nothingness.

    It tasted as awful as it looked. There were actually lumps of unmixed cocoa in the icing. And it took two baths to get it out of Matt’s ear.

  17. hmm kitchen heartbreak? Well just recently I made a french pastry tart base for a fresh fruit tart I wanted to make as dessert. Gosh the pastry smelt sooooo good in the oven, and I was so excited to fill it with my creme pat and top it off with strawberries. But…I accidentally dropped the pan when I took it out of the oven, and the pastry just completely disintegrated. SIGH.
    Dumpling Love recently posted..父親節快樂!!

  18. For my 44th birthday this year, my wonderful 20 year old son planned and cooked a fantastic three course meal for family and friends. He had timed everything perfectly, the entree was finished, the roast beef and roast lamb were ‘resting’, and he was just taking a large glass pan full of delicious, perfectly roasted vegies from the oven when disaster struck – the pan slipped from his grasp and crashed to the tiled floor scattering vegies, glass and hot oil over every kitchen surface.

  19. I once turned on my food processor with the tube for pushing food into the bowl actually inside the bowl…and that was the end of that feed tube. There was ground nuts everywhere!

  20. Hey @KitchenWench! Please pick me to win the Bamix Deluxe Blender!

  21. cathie
    Twitter: cosmeticsseller

    Thankfully i cant say Ive had HUGE mega disasters….but the worst one i can think of is when I made a beautiful lemon meringue pie for a party at my neighbours. We left it on the kitchen table…and when we went back into the kitchen, their cat was licking it….BUTTTT, and here’s the clincher that might allow me to win…they still served it.

  22. Jodie Sledzinski says:

    Have had lots of kitchen heartbreaks, but the most memorable was family Christmas at my sister’s house. After finishing a lovely meal which i wasn’t allowed to help prepare, they intrusted me to make the coffees. Thought i had done a great job until everyone spat coffee out at the same time and discovered i had used salt instead of sugar.

  23. Love. I agree with you, elderflower is such a beautiful flavour. And nectarines are so delicious too. What a delicious combo and pretty cocktail.
    My kitchen heartbreak? Buying a tiny 20g truffle for $20, having what I thought was a great idea to use it, and having that meal end up a total flop. I had a hard time finishing it, yet at the same time I kept thinking about how expensive it was… I don’t even remember how it all ended, I think I must’ve blocked the memory from my mind!
    leaf (the indolent cook) recently almond lemon thyme cakes (gluten free)

  24. Lizzy (Good Things)
    Twitter: bizzylizzycooks

    Great post!

    It was 1977, my engagement party. My then fiancee to be and I had made a huge bowl of the most amazing potato salad, complete with home made mayo. I can’t quite recall how it happened, but somehow the bowl slipped as I was moving it from the fridge to the island bench and the entire contents fell on the floor!

    Incidentally, Bamix makes fantastic mayonnaise, among other things I believe. I would love to win one!
    Lizzy (Good Things) recently posted..Shrikhand

  25. Hey @KitchenWench! Please pick me to win the Bamix Deluxe Blender!

  26. Hey @KitchenWench! Please pick me to win the Bamix Deluxe Blender! #KWBamix

  27. Rochelle
    Twitter: RochelleCurrie_

    I had to bake 100 cupcakes for my good friends birthday – the cupcakes were baked (after a loonnggg night of baking in a household tiny oven), and it was time to ice the delights (with only 2 hours til the event)! I asked my husband to help with pouring the icing sugar in, I think he thought it was similar to pouring cement and instead of doing it slowly, bit by bit, he poured the whole bowl in one go. Needless to say, the icing sugar got into the motor of my humble hand mixer and the mixer started to make loud noises, with an inevitable crash, bang and then a complete stop. We tried to fix the darn thing however it was quite clearly dead…it was a lesson learnt – regardless of his good intentions, never let the hubby help! (Note: the cupcakes did make it to the party (not on time however) thanks to the help of my mum’s trusty kitchenaid mixer, good thing she only lived 15 minutes away!)

    • Rochelle
      Twitter: RochelleCurrie_

      By the way, I have heard AMAZING things about the Bamix blender, I would absolutely treasure one in my kitchen! x

  28. Lisa
    Twitter: mmmmsugar

    One of my favourite restaurant dishes is Teague Ezard’s Crispy Fried Pork Hock With Chilli Caramel, Steamed Rice and Spicy Thai Salad. I had had it a couple of times in the restaurant and was super excited to find the recipe online and was determined to make it at home.
    Given it was going to take 3 days, I started it on a weekend with the intended consumption day being Valentine’s Day. I visited my local Asian grocer for all the ingredients (which probably cost me twice as much as buying the dish in the restaurant!). The first day I made the master stock, the second day I cooked the hocks and left them in the fridge overnight. I also made all the accompanying sauces/syrups that day.
    All that was left to do on the final day was make the salad and some rice. The final thing left to do was to deep fry the hocks. I didn’t have a deep fryer and I’d never deep fried in a saucepan before. How hard can it be, right? Can you see where this is going?
    I heated the oil, put the hocks in there and watched in horror as hot oil started bubbling over the pot, all over the stove, the bench and the kitchen floor. Flames were shooting everywhere. As I rushed to turn off the gas, I got splattered with hot oil. Ouch. Thankfully, the oil was hot enough that the pork kept cooking even without the heat on, so we still got to eat them!
    But after that, we spent 3 hours cleaning the kitchen. What a wonderfully romantic Valentine’s Day! That burner on the stove *still* doesn’t work.
    Lesson learnt: sometimes it is best to let the professionals do the cooking for you!

  29. I had just finished 6 dozen lemon meringue tarts for a function, and was carrying the stacked containers from the car to the door……. meringue from here to breakfast time! Talk about heartbreaking! All I had time to do was scrape up as much as possible off the (sealed) lids, mound it up on top, then a quick burnish with the blow torch to try and disguise them :( All my effort of pretty piped swirls just gone…….
    InTolerantChef recently posted..Pretty Purple Carrot Cake

  30. I have two, as one was my fault (but not a true cooking disaster). When still a teenager at home, my Mum had made a huge, huge pot of Bolognese sauce one weekend, including cooking and making homemade tomato puree. We then container it up and I had to take it downstairs to put in the chest freezer (so we could pull out portions as needed) and I slipped on the stairs on the way down and all the containers went flying 😯 . We then had to clean up the sauce from every surface in the garage, and all mums’ hard work was ruined.

    My cooking disaster was a day we had planned a fancy roast dinner and where having some friends over. Everything going according to plan except the power in the street went out. Someone had been doing some home renovations and managed to damage the lines in the ground. No power till the next afternoon. We had to go to the takeaway and get hamburgers. At least the dogs got to eat the half cooked roast. 😮

  31. I had gotten a lovely bunch of farmers market spinach, and was trying out the steamer basket on my rice cooker… confident in the soon to come deliciousness that I had spent a goodly bit preparing, I hit the button and walked away to take care of business. The last thing I was expecting to hear was the sound of glass shattering! I ran back into the kitchen to find the lid to the rice cooker in pieces all over the top of my lovely greens. The worst part was that I was so excited about the meal that I actually tried to just pick the glass out. The first bite that I took crunched. So sad.

  32. I’d made a gorgeous caramel tart for a Birthday party, I put it in the back seat of my car and it was knocked over and it hadn’t quite set properly, the sticky still hasn’t come out.

  33. I had promised to take a cake to work for a special occasion. This wasn’t hard, as I used to make cakes all the time when my kids were small. Of course, it didn’t turn out to be a good ‘cake baking day’.. I made a cake, popped it in the oven for the usual time… Took it out, and it sank in the middle – it was disgusting… Not defeated, I made another cake… Similar result. I was so upset and near tears. Hubby comes home… let’s just say that hubby was not used to being in the kitchen unless it was to ‘take something out of the kitchen’. I gave him a cheap packet cake mix and said, “Here, see what you can do”…. Result – A BLOOMING PERFECT CAKE!!!
    And I have been reminded about HIS cake many times over the years…

  34. My most heartbreaking moment was when my oven died and I didn’t have the money to replace it. As cooking is my therapy there were some dark days for a while there. Luckily I saved enough money to buy a new one. His name is Bertie, he cooks a beautiful meal and I’m happy to have him in my life.

  35. Hey @KitchenWench! Please pick me to win the Bamix Deluxe Blender!

  36. My mum. Her hand. A blender.

    You can guess the rest. It was messy.

    Fortunately, it happened whilst she was on duty nurse at the local bush-nursing hospital. Everything stitched back on/together, though I think she lost her appetite for the smoothie she was making.

  37. Cooking a family feast and not realising the oven is set to grill, burned the roast chicken to charcoal!

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