Bodega Tapas Bar, and Sydney Foodbloggers

So about a month ago, I got sent to Sydney on a 2 day work jaunt, and decided to take the opportunity to put the call out to any Sydney foodbloggers who wouldn’t mind catching up for dinner while I was in town. Luckily for me, Helen (Grab Your Fork), Suze (Chocolate Suze) and Reem (I Am Obsessed With Food) put their hands up, and after a bit of emailing back and forth, we decided to try Bodega Tapas Bar in Surry Hills for dinner (which, luckily for me, was also just up the road from the hotel I was holed up in!)

Part of the reason that I pushed for this choice was that I had only just visited MoVida the week before, and had so thoroughly loved my experience that I was curious as to how other places would do it…

Bodega restaurant

To be honest, the food was pretty fabulous! While the fare was not quite as spectacular as Frank Camorra’s offerings that I’d experienced at MoVida the week before, I really couldn’t fault any of it. However, I did feel a bit let down by both the bread and the dessert – after experiencing two amazing artisan breads at MoVida (which the girls and I had adored so much that we actually got a second plate!), I felt that the bread here was a bit bland (which served to accentuate the olive oil that it was served with, rather than enhance as I had experienced at MoVida).

And dessert? Okay, so I bake a lot, but I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, and I couldn’t finish mine at all (and kept pushing it helpfully in the direction of Reem in the hopes that she’d help me out!). The flan didn’t have the soft, melty texture that I expect with that sort of dessert, and the ginger biscuit it was served with did not give even the slightest hint of ginger flavour. The only redeeming part of the entire dish for me was the dulche de leche ice cream, which delightfully creamy, but melted far too quickly for my ice-cream nibbling ways :(

Food aside, it was fabulous to meet all three ladies, and I commend them for not being overly taken aback by the loud, swearing and eccentric Melbournian who visited their home town :) Thanks for the lovely time, folks!

Also, I took the chance to visit the Sydney Fish Markets on my spare day, which turned out to have a pretty decent yumcha restaurant right in the heart of it! Who knew? Unfortunately all my photos taken there turned out quite rubbish, but I am quite fond of this photo which I nabbed while walking through one of the buildings…


Too true, folks. Too true.

Tune in next time for my own variation on chicken & vegetable wonton soup, and English muffins. Which I’m hoping will prove third time lucky (the recipe turns out perfectly each time.


  1. Your photos are fab as always (love the sign!) and its great to see such friendly food bloggers :)

    Pity about the bread and dessert though – surprising that they didn’t pay more attention to them :(

  2. Oh Ellie! It was so fab to meet you too! I must admit after all the hype about the banana dessert it didn’t live up to expectation, but my chocolate and figs, to die for!

    I look forward to catching up with you again soon ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Man… Ellie, you need to move out to US! That review of the restaurant made me drool… only to realize that the place is in Aussie land!! :(

  4. Ha, it was great to meet you :) Lots of fun and lots of deliciousness – hello garlic mushrooms!!! And that reminds me, I really must go get tickets to the next season of Swan Lake. lol!

  5. So true Ellie! you can add:”…a wine!
    Nice pictures…

  6. @Rachel – Thanks sweetie :) And yeah, the dessert was definitely a disappointment…such a shame when that happens!

    @Reemski – I hope I get to see you and the girls again in the future, it was way too much fun to meet you all :)

    @Peter – LOL! I think I’m happy with Aussie restaurants for now ๐Ÿ˜›

    @Helen – LOL! If you go to Swan Lake then you *have* to review it – I’ll be waiting to read it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @Dominique (de vous ร  moi…) – Thank you sweetie :)

  7. aw twas lovely to finally meet ya dude! lol i dont share desserts with anyone heh heh ๐Ÿ˜†

  8. Nice pics! What type of camera do you use? I loved this place too!

    • Thanks Monica :) These photos were taken with a Canon 450D and 50mm f1.8 lens, but these days I’m shooting with a Canon 60D and 24-70mm f2.8 lens :)

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