An experience in online dating in Australia & a give-away, Kitchenwench-style!

DISCLAIMER – this post has been sponsored by eHarmony, but all words/thoughts are my own.

I’ve received some rather chastising emails and comments from you about my complete and utter lack of posts over the past few months, so it’s probably time that I came clean.

You see, the reason that I’ve been M.I.A…is because I’ve met someone.

Someone incredible. Smart. Funny. Sweet. Loving. Someone who sweeps me off my feet every single day.

Dear readers, your one and only Kitchenwench is in love.


Why is this such an announcement, you ask? Well you see, after a string of affairs and failed relationships spanning many many years, I took an 18 month break from the world of romance and seduction to evaluate what it was that I truly wanted, and where I had been going wrong in the past. A period of self-reflection and growth was needed, so I gave myself the time and space to do so.

After that, I decided that I was ready to dip my toe back into the dating pool, but had a think about how I wanted to do it. I’m not the kind of person who enjoys clubbing (since I like being able to SPEAK to other people, rather than YELL!), and have absolutely pathetic alcohol tolerance so going out and frequenting bars wasn’t an option either.

Especially because booze tends to get quite pricey, despite the fact that I’m a cheap date!

I signed up for a few online dating sites and decided to browse around. I’ve heard the arguments that this takes the romance out of dating, but as far as I was concerned, it was a way to cut through some of the preliminary time-wasting bullshit that you get when you are meeting someone new.

For example:
Listens to One Direction? DENIED.
Takes drugs? NO-NO
Anti-carb health freak? COMPUTER SAYS NO (come on, I need someone who can eat my cakes and cookies. Not a euphemism…)
Considers themselves a Juggalo? Dear gods, get the hell away from me!

Note – I’m not saying that there’s anything WRONG with being a Juggalo (or anything else in the above list), just that those traits are deal-breakers for me!

After some false starts and some very interesting first dates (involving wigs, gimp masks, alcoholics and even someone who didn’t think twice about burping in my face), I met R who had me smitten from the first date.

Three months on we are head over heels in love, and I am deliriously happy – happier than I’ve been in any other relationship that I can remember. And while I understand that online dating has some stigma attached to it, I have no problems telling people that R and I met “online”.

So when I was approached by eHarmony asking if I’d like to do a post on online dating and run a competition for them, I thought “Why the hell not?”

If you’re single and looking to venture into the world of online dating, here are my tips on how to go about it:

  1. Put some time into writing a profile that shows your personality. A picture will draw someone’s eye, but a well-written profile will help to catch their attention
  2. Upload a great (but realistic) photo or two. Get a little creative, but don’t go overboard and upload something that looks like a glamour shot that’s been airbrushed to within an inch of its life.
  3. Don’t be a lazy correspondent! A lot of guys complained to me that they hadn’t had much luck getting responses from women (the average hit rate tended to be one out of 10 writing back), so even if you’re not interested, be polite and write back to let them know rather than leaving them hanging!
  4. Take initiative! Ladies, there’s nothing wrong with actually browsing the site yourselves and saying hello to the men that take your fancy. I understand that some women (such as myself) like the man to make the first move, but initiating contact is something you can do where you’ve got nothing to lose. Even if they don’t write back, trust me when I say your bruised ego will bounce back :)
  5. Correspond a little before meeting. This doesn’t mean emailing back and forth for months, but once you’ve had enough online flirting to see that there appears to be a connection, take it offline and see if it translates in person too! Even if things don’t pan out, at the very least you’ll have a little – or a lot – of fun!

So whether you are looking for Sydney singles or Melbourne lovers, don’t be afraid to try the online dating game and see if there is someone for you!

Now, onto the competition!

Thanks to the post sponsors over at eHarmony, I have a $300 gift voucher to RedBalloon to give away! With Christmas just around the corner, this means you could treat your partner to a fantastic experience for themselves or for the two of you to share – perhaps a dawn hot air balloon trip over the city? Or maybe sky-diving is more your thing? If you’re a foodie, how about an eight-course degustation at a wonderful restaurant?

In order to enter, all you have to do is answer this question in the comments section below – what is your idea of a perfect first date?

You can also get a bonus entry by circling eHarmony on Google+, and then leaving another comment below to say you have done so.

You can be as cheesy or as original as you like, but the best answer will win this fantastic prize (and maybe also be able to cross something off their Christmas or even their bucket list!).

The competition closes on Sunday 4 November and the winner will be selected by Tuesday 6 November, so make sure to leave your entry in the comments section below!


  1. To be treated like a princess 😉

  2. I know its cliche but dinner & a movie, no pressure, great lighting (dark lol) and the only awkward silences will come from any love scenes. I also love holding hands and the butterflies and tingles it brings on a first date.

  3. Alice Carey says:

    My idea of a perfect first date would be a cute yet casual picnic in a park followed by a nice stroll home :)

  4. A perfect first date involves cheese, the park, a tree, the sun… after breakfast and a ride in a hot air balloon! :mrgreen:

  5. The perfect first date: Dinner somewhere fun and bustling – who wants to be too serious, and this way there are plenty of topics of conversation around you! Then, a group cooking lesson – less focus on impressing one another and more on laughing at disasters from the oven! Capping off the evening with a decadent chocolate martini and small talk about needing to employ a cook at home.

  6. When you are on a first date and he treats you like a movie star… However it is vitally important to establish which type of movie.

  7. Judith Senese says:

    My ideal first date would have to be with someone that can hold a conversation, not talk about their ex’s and someone that can make me laugh. We even might go bowling for some fun.

  8. Elizabeth Davey says:

    a picnic in the park so we can quietly get to know each other

  9. Tania Penney says:

    A Hot Air ballon Ride – to put me on Cloud 9, literally and physically!

  10. Jennifer Robertson says:

    My perfect first date would lead to a perfect second date, and beyond.

  11. My perfect first date would be firstly, if the gut turned up and secondly, sharing a bottle of French champagne whilst getting to know one another

  12. oops, gut= guy :roll:

  13. Linda Hynson says:

    Where anticipation and expectation are met-venue unimportant but an instant connection is:-)

  14. my idea of the perfect first date would just be coffee, dessert, and see how much we can share about each other. He doesn’t have to feel pressured to pay for the meal b/c it’s just coffee! then if we enjoy our time together enough, it’ll naturally turn into dinner.

  15. My perfect first date would involve the perfect guy, a perfectly beautiful day, a perfect picnic lunch with a perfectly wonderful bottle of bubbly. All resulting in a perfect sunset and a day to remember.

  16. Don’t be late… take me for a movie, coffee and cake..

  17. jessiesgirl says:

    My first date was rather unique: I was taken out for Japanese, plied with Cognac as my aperitif!!!!!!!!!!??? Followed by concoctions unpronounceable, I remember one was eel. UNFORGETTABLE SADLY
    We then decided to roll the dice on what we’d do for the rest of the night, chose six things and then whatever number rolled we did.
    We’ve now been together for 18 years and married for nearly 1 … I would say that was more than a successful first date.

  18. rebekah wade says:

    The person would make the date more ideal as opposed to where we went and what we did. Hopefully they would be chatty,friendly,approachable and down to earth. An ideal date would be relaxed with laughter and a mutual attraction to one another.Dinner with a few glasses of wine wouldn’t go amiss either :smile:

  19. A perfect first date would include: delicious food at a lovely restaurant, a long walk through the park or the city to get to know each other, followed by dessert ^-^

  20. Cheryl McKibbin says:

    something simple like a coffee date where theres no pressure. you normally know in the first few minutes if you will hit it off or not

  21. stephen Thomas says:

    take her to karaoke so she can watch me sing dolly parton songs i sound exactly like her too embarrassing because im a construction worker

  22. christine williams says:

    A picnic with our friends, seeing how he interacts with them and his friends with me.
    If he passes the test then perhaps dinner and a movie for a second date.

  23. My perfect first date would be a makeshift picnic, maybe with some take away donuts or some ice cream (he’d have to be a sweet tooth as well, obviously) and some beers. Perfect chance to get to know him!

  24. Just coffee.
    I don’t suffer long if I want to run a mile.
    Leave me wanting more if he actually makes me smile!

    Congratulations on the romance. I met my man online and we got married two weeks ago. All the best to you :)
    Lucy Leland recently posted..Wedding in Vegas

  25. Catrina Murray says:

    Gee it’s been a while since I’ve had a first date! The aquarium is a great place to go; weird and wonderful enough to keep it interesting and you can judge the slime factor of your date along with the fish!

  26. Becky Plamer says:

    Cage diving with sharks – he’s got to be daring and adventurous if he wants to be with me!

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