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The eldest of three children, I was born in South Korea and immigrated to Australia with my parents at the age of 4. Having grown up mostly in Australia (with a brief 2 year stay in Korea when I was 14 – 16), I’ve grown up in a strange hybrid existance of Korean and Australian attitudes and mentalities, which very much crosses over into fields such as my cooking – I love my kimbap just as much as I do a good chicken parma or pavlova!

I keep this site running mostly for myself, in order to document my progress in both my cooking and photography, and also to document my mother’s Korean recipes for the future – for both myself and those who browse the internet in search of good, home-style Korean recipes :)

My equipment is fairly simple. I used to use the Canon Powershot G7, until I purchased a Canon 450D dSLR in June 2008. My two primary shooting lenses are the 50mm f1.8 and 100mm f2.8 macro. I do most of my photo editing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.


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Though not printed media, I’m proud to say that the Kitchen Wench food blog was selected to be part of the National Library of Australia’s PANDORA project – a national project to archive websites chosen to be of some significance. The first archive was made on 10th February, 2011.

Contact Me:

You can contact me by emailing me at chipmunksneeze [at] hotmail [dot] com or by using the contact form below.

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