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Oops, I did it again

If I look to my right, there is a big, dark brown wooden bookshelf that reaches almost up to my ceiling, and it is absolutely bursting with books. Sure, there is plenty of casual reading, but two bookshelves are completely overwhelmed by cook books and food magazines. A lot fewer than some, but an impressive […]

Come on over, we’re firing up the barbie

Though I am fiercly proud of my Korean heritage, I have always maintained that my home is Australia, and that I cannot envisage living anywhere else in the world. Tucked away in our own little corner of the world, this country is about as extreme as you could get – wet leafy rainforests, tall alpine […]

Sugar beware, I’m armed and dangerous

Halfway through last year, a few months after starting this blog, I decided that I should take the jump and buy myself a little kitchen blow torch. My custard-loving sister is always desirous of new desserts that elevate the humble custard beyond it’s status as yellow goop, and therefore Creme Bruleewas something that I wanted […]

No bananarama here, just banana-love

I have a confession. I don’t like bananas. It’s a bit strange really – I adore banana in things that utilize the flavour (tarts, cakes, smoothies etc) but I cannot bring myself to grab a ‘nana, peel back the yellow skin and take a bite. There’s something about that thick, sticky texture that makes me […]

Moussin’ about (and happy blog-iversary?)

When Helen announced the theme for this month’s HHDD event, my ears perked up. Whilst I’ve tried my hand at most desserts, the humble mousse was completely unknown to me, and therefore it was a challenge that I was totally raring to go for! After all, what’s not to like about a nice, creamy, light-as-air […]

Oodles of noodles

This colourful dish is one of my favourite Korean noodle dishes, warming, refreshing and filling at the same time! Korean cuisine has many brothy dishes, and the many that I love have a peculiar quality in that drinking them always makes me feel warm and refreshed at the same time. I can’t say exactly what […]

What’s mine is not yours

I apologize for this non-food related post but there’s something that I need to air. The internet is a big, broad expanse and it is impossible to keep track of it all as there is simply no way of doing so. Therefore, when putting my words and images online, I realize that there is a […]

How to say “thanks!”

Now, although my food photography skills have slowly been (in my opinion) improving, I’ve never been able to take nice landscape and scenery shots. I ended up finally getting together with Melbourne Flickrite Adam last Saturday, and though I doubt I’ll ever take pictures quite as well as he does, he did manage to give […]

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